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Happy Lunar New Year 2016

Wishing All On Planet Earth: Gong Xi Fa Cai


Shila Amzah On TVB Jade Solid Gold

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Kf: 99th Knowledge Seeker Workshop February 4, 2016

The Empire Strikes Out as Khazarian mafia fake Zika virus, negative interest rate offensives fail

Benjamin Fulford Update, February 1, 2016

Source of report here.

Clearly the Khazarian mafia is running scared and running out of ammunition. The fact that the Khazarian mob controlled Bank of Japan was forced last week to resort to negative interest rates proves their fake fiat money is now worth less than nothing. The Federal Reserve Board will soon be forced to do the same thing. The more you put money in their banks, the more that money vanishes. More about that later.

The other thing that is clearly failing is their ability to create mass panic, fear and loathing, their traditional control tools. Their latest attempt, upgrading a relatively minor illness known as Zika virus into a baby head-shrinking pandemic is so totally fake, with nothing but computer graphics of small headed babies as evidence, that very few real doctors or hospitals are taking it seriously. Time to round up the criminal liars at the WHO.

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Keshe Foundation: 98th Knowledge Seeker Workshop January 28, 2016

Keshe Foundation: Health Blueprint Teaching, January 26, 2016

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Beijing envoy says all US dollars will have a Chinese signature on them by 2018

Benjamin Fulford Update January 26, 2016

Source of report here.

The shift in the center of global power is accelerating with a strong push being made to ensure all oil and other international commodities are traded in Chinese dollars or Yuan and not Khazarian so-called US dollars, multiple sources agree. All “US dollars” will have a Chinese person’s signature on them by 2018, according to a special envoy sent to the White Dragon Society by Chinese royals based in Beijing. He promised to send a photograph of these dollars to this newsletter after he returns to China.

As a part of this push, Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visited Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran to promise a huge industrial and infrastructure development carrot if Middle Eastern oil was sold in Yuan, Pentagon sources said. The Chinese were too polite to mention the stick that was the alternative to this carrot. However, news reports coming out after Xi’s visit to Saudi Arabia indicated Xi was furious at being snubbed by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef. Instead he was only able to see senile King Salman and his son, the “deputy crown prince.”

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Keshe Foundation: 97th Knowledge Seeker Workshop January 21, 2016

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The revolution continues with shipping freeze, stock plunge, US dollar dumping, $20 oil, attacks on gold mines and more

Benjamin Fulford Update, January 19, 2016

* Mini “Situation Update” 1/14/2016 – Corey/GoodETxSG, Sphere-Being Alliance
* No More Excuses Please – Round 6 : Karen Hudes v. Judge Anna 
* Black Friday – Zero Hedge, 01/15/2016 

* Why All Contracts Are Void and Fraud By Nature — Language and Parse Syntax 

Source of report here.

There is a systematic effort underway to remove all fraud from the world’s financial system. This campaign is now getting to the point where some major financial institutions and countries, including the US corporate government, are about to go bankrupt. This is all part of a hybrid war involving finance, super-computers, special forces operations, news, propaganda, pin-point assassinations and more.

Perhaps the most dramatic, and under-reported, new aspect of this ongoing struggle has been the freeze on global shipping. To confirm reports on the internet of a shipping freeze, this writer called NYK lines, a major international shipping firm, and was told “we cannot speak for the whole world but, as far as our company is concerned, with current shipping prices we will lose money every time we send a ship so we have stopped.” Chinese government sources told this newsletter shipping companies are now demanding to be paid in Chinese yuan and not dollars and that is a major reason for the freeze in shipping worldwide. If this continues, it will lead to empty super-market shelves and social unrest, especially in the US. The announcement last week by Walmart that it is closing 269 stores is just the beginning.

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Oil Plunges To $28 Cycle Lows As Iran Supply Looms, Stocks Slide

Source of report here.
By Tyler Durden on 01/17/2016

February WTI Crude futures have plunged to new cycle lows at $28.60 (down 2.7%) as Iran supply looms over an already over-glutted global crude market. Brent is down even more (-3.7%). Dow futures are down 60 points at the open.


Feb futures (which have just rolled) are under $29…


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