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The Lt. Col. Gonzales SSP Council Delegation Briefings

Warning: The information shared here may drastically change your current worldview and belief-system of ‘the world you have been existing in’ forever

* The Law Of One: Book 1
* The Law Of One materials by Carla Rueckert
* The Law Of One by L/L Research

Source of report here.
By Corey/GoodETxSG, Sphere-Being Alliance

Part 1 … 09 July 2015:

The “Draco Federation Alliances” Demands & Secrets Revealed 



This report will not be as detailed as it is based on a briefing given to me from Lt. Col. Gonzales of his meeting with the Draco Federation Alliance, the Committee of 200 “Chairmen”, and his first time to attend the Human Like “ET Super Federation” conference sitting in the delegates chair and his meeting with Raw-Tear-Eir. Because of the length of the article and the details contained in the various subjects I am breaking it into two parts.

Lt. Col. Gonzales was kept quite busy while I was away during my week of shooting video interviews with David Wilcock at Gaiam TV. It was apparently important that I continued that project undisturbed so that it could branch out into a wider project. I had expected to shoot 5 episodes and be done. I also didn’t expect the skeptical Gaiam Team to do a second round of vetting using their own well known researchers, who after the questioning and first several days of recording had decided I was not recycling known information or making up stories that had fooled David Wilcock and his sources.

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The Rise Of The Yuan Continues: LME To Accept Renminbi As Collateral

* The creepy reason banks want us all to have ‘tap and pay’ cards… even though they’re a godsend to fraudsters
* Porn websites visited 250,000 times on parliament computers
* Greece relaxes capital controls, as talks on third €86bn bailout start in Athens

Source of report here.

As far-fetched as the notion may be to those who are wedded – by choice, by misguided beliefs, or by virtue of being completely beholden to the perpetuation of the status quo – to idea that the dollar will forever retain its status as the world’s reserve currency, the yuan is set to play a critical role in global finance, investment, and trade going forward. 

We’ve long argued that the BRICS bank, the AIIB, and to an even greater extent, the Silk Road Fund, will help to usher in a new era of yuan hegemony in international investment and trade. A number of recent developments support this, including Beijing’s push for the renminbi to play an outsized role in loans doled out through the AIIB, the denomination of loans from the BRICS bank in yuan, and China’s aggressive investment in Pakistan and Brazil via the Silk Road initiative (here and here).

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Russian Pentagon alliance putting final end to Khazarian Mafia rule

… Benjamin Fulford Update, July 27, 2015

* Cocaine-snorting-while-cavourting-with-prostitutes Lord Sewel’s London residence raided by police
* Time to derail this gravy train: Fury over cost of freeloading peers as size of Lords edges towards a thousand
* The 1 percent’s twisted games: How they’re distorting reality and diluting democracy

Source of report here.

Last week a Russian White Dragon Society representative came to Japan to cement an alliance with other factions of the WDS around the world. As a part of this, the WDS authorized the release of this photograph:


The person pictured with this writer (in his capacity as WDS spokesperson) is Masaaki Hatsumi. Hatsumi runs the Bujinkan martial arts training school, which has trained over 250,000 special operations troops and has a network of 50 training centers worldwide. His name is a household word among people involved in actual fighting and real martial arts worldwide. He trains FBI, British, US, Russian, Iranian and other Special Forces. Chinese sources say he is the only Japanese citizen who has free access to the top levels of the Chinese government. At the meeting, Hatsumi expressed support for WDS goals.

The alliance of the world’s top fighting forces has spelled doom for the Khazarian mafia and their rapidly shrinking coterie of slave politicians. In particular, the Pentagon has begun coordinating with the Russians against the Khazarian mafia and multiple politicians who have been bribed by the Khazarian mob.

Last week again, multiple developments around the world made it very clear the worldwide Khazarian mafia control grid continues to be dismantled. For example, the Pentagon issued a photograph of Defense Secretary Ashton Carter with top Khazarian mobster and war criminal Benyamin Netanyahu showing a clearly distraught and angry Netanyahu.

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Explosive: The real reason Holistic Doctors are being killed and vanishing!


David Wilcock: Inaugural Presentation of Cosmic Disclosure

Revealing humanity’s celestial presence and the details of an extraterrestrial message which conveys details of the coming collective ascension for humankind

* Cosmic Top Secret – Robert Bob Dean

Cosmic Disclosure
Click link below to watch …

Corey Goode Blog : Sphere-Being Alliance

David Wilcock Blog : Divine Cosmos


Blue Avian Being Named Raw-Teir-Eir


8′ Tall Blue Avian ET Being

Keshe Foundation: Questions and Answers from 68th KSW/New Technology

Must view! Revelation of Kf Magrav-Power Systems for car and home … and soon motorbike, too!

* Keshe Foundation Flying Car


Kf Magrav-Power Systems for car and home

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FREE*: Experiencers of ETs, Multidimensionals, Spirituality, Consciousness now have a home

*FREE: Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters

Source of report here.
By Alfred Lambremont Webre

VANCOUVER, BC – In a wide-ranging interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Rey Hernandez of FREE [Foundation into Research Extraterrestrial Encounters] explains how experiencers of extraterrestrials, multi-dimensional experiences, spiritual emergences, and other multi-dimensional consciousness experiences now have a venue in which they can report their experiences confidentially (and anonymously). FREE reports that of the total experiencers reporting their interactions with multi-dimensional intelligence to FREE so far, experiencers have reported favorable; unfavorable, as well as neutral experiences.  A portion of FREE experiencers report having had Out Of Body experiences as well (OBEs). Another portion of FREE experiencers  report having had Near Death Experiences as well (NDEs)

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The cabal is being systematically dismantled so “Just watch as it unfolds,” Pentagon says

… Benjamin Fulford Update, July 20, 2015

* Greek “Hell” Remains After Athens Uses Creditor Money To Repay Creditors
* Trump Opens McCain’s Treasonous Can of Worms
* Germans Demonstrate in 14 Cities Against Merkel’s Tough Stance on Greece

Source of report here.

This is what a top Pentagon person has to say about the ongoing take-down of the Khazarian mafia: “Just Watch is as it unfolds. You will be tempted to get a pitchfork ready here and there but, just leave it in the closet. All should be accomplished without a shot being fired if everything goes according to plan.”

The key event to trigger all this was the deal between Russia, England, China, France, the United States, Germany and Iran to ensure Iran had the right to peacefully develop nuclear power without developing nuclear bombs. The fact of the matter is, according to two members of the Iranian Royal Family, that the Bush family sold neutron bomb tipped nuclear missiles to Iran years ago. The Iranians tried to give the weapons back to the Obama regime but were rebuffed, according to senior CIA sources.

In any case, the Iran nuclear accord means that a 30-year old campaign by the Khazarian mafia and their slave politicians in Washington and Tel Aviv to use Iran to start a world war has ended.

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Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute 70th Knowledge Seekers Workshop – July 16, 2015

Now, the world can enjoy FREE ENERGY without building another nuclear power station, wind turbine farm or hydro-electric generating dam – and more!

“This is not a fairy tale but a reality.” – MT Keshe

Click on link below to know more:

70th KSW

70th Knowledge Seekers Workshop July 16 2015

25 Signs That The Global Elite’s Ship Is About To Sink

* Fearing Greek Fallout, ECB Extends “Secret” Credit Lines To Balkans
* Greece Is Now A Full-Blown Humanitarian Crisis – In 9 Charts

* When It Comes To Total Debt, Greece Is Not That Much Worse Than France (Or The USA) 
* The Bankruptcy Of The Planet Accelerates – 24 Nations Are Currently Facing A Debt Crisis  

Source of report here.

Make no mistake about it. The tide has turned on the global elite and there will be no going back. A new day is rising for humanity as those who have planned for complete control are now being exposed, cornered and investigated from many different angles. There is no need to buy into the fear-based propaganda the major media and even several alternative media outlets dispense. Very good things are happening and even better things are coming. Let’s take a look at some of the major stories that have occurred in the last 8 weeks alone. Piecing the puzzle together, we see that the jig is up and the events surrounding it are growing in size and speed.

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