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Dr. Steven Greer: How the Secret Government Works, Nov. 21, 2015

The Most Explosive Expose

Sirius Disclosure


The Disclosure Project

CERN Has Been Permanently Shut Down?

* The entire ‘war on terror’ has been a lie – and these charts prove it
* Global warming the greatest scam in history’ claims founder of Weather Channel
* Scientist Confesses: “Global Warming a $22 Billion Scam”

Keshe Foundation: 89th Knowledge Seeker Workshop November 26, 2015

New knowledge for building improved Kf Magrav Power System

  1. Maintain numerological “ratio of 9” when winding coils
  2. Wind outer coil (magnetic) 144 ccw turns, inner coil (gravitational) 81 ccw turns
  3. Do not bend back / ‘clip’ ends of wire, leave them straight
  4. Ensure both outer magnetic and inner gravitational coils are as close as possible to one another
  5. Nano-coating by gas-torch firing improves system performance by as much as 30 – 50% compared to nano-coating by caustic
  6. After every nano-coating, realign plasma energy flow to move in one direction with volt meter set to 200 mV > connect black probe to + , red probe to –  (video from 27 ‘ mark)

Brad and Thomas have managed to produce gold!


The Biggest Accounting Hoax Since Enron – By James Rickards

This blog believes what’s presented is not only applicable to every American but also every man and woman on planet Earth. You be the judge.

Heads-up from Future FastForward, 26 November 2015

Introduction by FFF …

“Dear friends of Future FastForward, James Rickards is a dear friend who visited Malaysia recently to conduct a “closed door dialogue” chaired by Tun Mahathir Mohamad the fourth prime minister of Malaysia on the global financial crisis.

Mr. Rickards received strong endorsement from Tun Mahathir Mohamad. It is for this reason that we are posting this special message from Mr. Rickards and helping him to spread this urgent warning.

We are doing this voluntarily and hope that you will subscribe to his financial newsletter. We have no financial interest whatsoever in doing so, but we feel very strongly that Mr. Rickards message is just too important to be ignored. Take his advice seriously and you may just survive the coming crisis.

God bless.
Future FastForward”

The Biggest Accounting Hoax Since Enron

“… the fallout will be 525 times bigger than Enron and is sure to affect all
American citizens – no matter where you live, what you do for a living,
or how much money you have.

Once the mainstream media uncovers this deception (possibly in the next
six months), it will be too late for anyone to act. Here are the four steps
you need to take to prepare for the coming chaos …”

— Jim Rickards, Financial Crises Advisor to the CIA and Pentagon


Khazarian mafia takedown is accelerating, making them dangerously desperate

Benjamin Fulford Update, November 24, 2015

* Oil May Plunge to $20, Signalling Economic Disaster: “The Numbers Are Dreadful And Unprecedented”
* The U.S. Dollar Has Already Caused A Global Recession And Now The Fed Is Going To Make It Worse
* War on Cash: How and Why the Financial Elites Want to End Physical Cash 

Source of report here.

It is no longer good enough to passively blog about the mass murdering fascist cabal that is seizing power in the West, it is time to take direct action. This writer is going to put his life where his word is by going at noon, Japan Standard Time on November 24th, 2015* to confront senior Khazarian cabalist mass murderers Richard Armitage, Michael Green and Kurt Campbell. These murderers will be showing up at the Nikkei Hall in downtown Tokyo where they will be giving orders to their Japanese slave politicians and fomenting war. We will be live streaming on the internet as we try to force these criminals to answer for their crimes to the world public. It is time to make it impossible for members of the Khazarian mafia to appear in public without being confronted about their crimes and lies.

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A Planned Trespass Against The Mind Of Man

Christopher J on common law and horrific truths hidden affecting all of man

* Judge Anna BLOWS THE LID OFF the Great Fraud!
* Jurisdiction of the court challenged
* The UnKommonlaw ~ Karl Lentz
* Karl Lentz YouTube Channel
* UnKommonlaw
* Court of Record

* Karl Lentz & Gus Breton – UnKommonlaw New Hampshire – #1 of 3 

Heads-up from here.

Keshe Foundation: 88th Knowledge Seeker Workshop Nov 19

* People around the world sharing their DIY Kf Magrav Power System 

Alien Hybrids? Swedish Sisters, Secret, Extraterrestrials?

More than meets the eyes

* Hybrid Human Alien Children – Part 1 – Bridget Nielsen
* Hybrid Human Alien Children – Part 2 – Aluna Verse

Beyond Belief – Shadows of the Cabal

Interview: Corey Goode and George Noory, October 2015

* Secret Space Program Alien Psychic Wars with Corey Goode 

George: If you could just wave a magic wand and stop something, what would that be?

Corey: I’m really ready for humanity to stand on its own two feet for the first time ever. I’m ready for us to stop being manipulated from down here and up there. I’m ready for us to be out from under any type of financial slave debt system. We don’t need it. We don’t need a financial system at all. I’m ready for us to have the technologies down here now, that will give us a type of life to where we can, not spent 9, 10 hours a day working, spending 2 hours a day in traffic.

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Paris psy-ops is part of ongoing moves towards world government

Benjamin Fulford Update, November 17, 2015

Source of report here.

The giant psychological warfare operation, where “ISIS terrorists” allegedly killed over a hundred people in Paris, on Friday the 13th, November, 2015, was just part of ongoing horse trading towards a world government.

To understand this, let us look at some key events surrounding the events in Paris.

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