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“The real battlefield is the mind”


Italian doctor shocked the world: Cancer is a fungus that can be treated with baking soda


According to Italian doctor Tulio Simonchini, cancer is nothing but a fungus which can be eliminated with baking soda. Dr. Simonchini used this method to cure thousands of patients suffering from different types of cancer, and claims that it is 100% effective.

The therapy isn’t harmful at all and let’s face it – you’ve got nothing to lose. The painful reality of more and more cancer cases is somehow connected to the failures of oncology. “We have to prove that modern oncology is unable to answer all the questions cancer patients have. It’s our moral and ethical commitment to find the real cure for the hardest and deadliest diseases of our time,” says Dr. Simonchini.

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Signs of Heaven

* Massive ‘sky spectacle’ causes traffic chaos | Severe storms cause “climate chaos”  

Matthew 16:2-4

{16:2} He answered and said unto them, When it is evening, ye say, [It will be] fair weather: for the sky is red. {16:3} And in the morning, [It will be] foul weather to day: for the sky is red and lowring. O [ye] hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not [discern] the signs of the times? {16:4} A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given unto it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas. And he left them, and departed.

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Toys “R” Us is closing shop

How did the the company implode so fast? The CEO explains

* Toys “R” Us files Chapter 11: Second largest US retail bankruptcy in history  


Reviewing first day motions from a company’s chapter 11 docket, and more specifically the CEO’s declaration, can be a great way to learn exactly what happened in the days/weeks leading up to a bankruptcy filing.  The company spends millions of dollars every month on expensive lawyers (Kirkland & Ellis in the case of Toys “R” Us), investment bankers (Lazard), turnaround advisors (Alvarez & Marsal), claims administrators, etc., who all spend many sleepless nights in the days leading up to a filing trying to make sure the first day motions are as informative as possible.

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President Trump’s speech at the United Nations

The world and the globalists have been put on notice


The Perfect Swindle

Part 1 of 9 …

Dr Steven Greer’s Update, September 15, 2017

Info beyond where has ever gone before


Top global warming scientists admit: ‘We lied to you’

It was Al Gore’s manufactured ‘inconvenient truth’ to get himself and the globalists rich

* Climate change science implodes as IPCC climate models found to be “totally wrong” … temperatures aren’t rising as predicted … hoax unraveling  



The catastrophic impacts of man-made climate change have been exaggerated, according to top global warming scientists who have admitted they produced biased studies based on junk science to please their government paymasters.

These studies were then used by mainstream media to control the narrative about global warming and convince the public that billions of dollars in extra tax revenues must be procured in order to stave off Armageddon.

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How to win your court case the Karl Lentz way

Go to court as i, a man – not as a PERSON, not as YOU


* man = adult human (male and female) created by God
* PERSON = ‘legal fiction’ created by an incorporated government
* YOU = plural word deceptively used to ‘legally bind’ man to his PERSON

* Court statues & codes apply only to PERSON and YOU – but not to man. Learn to flip from PERSON/YOU > to common man when at court
* queen’s bench = queen’s court = peoples court = common law court of record = common law court
> all required is presence of a JUDGE and 2 man (1 plaintiff/claimant + 1 defendant)
* press the record = a man must appear as plaintiff/claimant to state his/her claim against another man in open court (no representation by any PERSON allowed e.g. prosecutor, lawyer, bailiff, doctor, psychiatrist, teacher, detective, bank manager, etc.)

i, a man: Karl Lentz … require of you (judge) to place your case before queen’s bench … once we are before queen’s bench, plaintiff must press the record

* The difference between a man and a PERSON 
* Your birth certificate and Who you really are 
* How to go to court as a man – not as a PERSON – and win your case
* 8 most important words to learn  
* How to avoid criminal charges and Cestui Que Vie
(Trust Law – before thou invokes queen’s bench > common law)
* Redress~4~Dummies ~ Let [wo]man seek redress to life
* Series of Karl’s lessons on radio – by Craig Lynch
* Series of Karl’s lessons on radio – by Man and Law 

* Series of Karl’s lessons on radio – by Trust In All Law 


At the end of this posting are some documents that thou a man can use to handle your court case. Download them, study them and apply whichever one fits your situation. (Note: Karl Lentz’s way is to flip a statutes court to a common law court and invoke common law. It only applies to cases that involve a man versus another man, and a man versus state or a corporate entity. It will not work for cases between corporate entities.)

When thou first read the documents, it’s a guarantee your reaction would be to brush them off as ‘nonsense,’ ‘a joke’ and at worst cast them off as ‘conspiracy theory stuff.’ Should this be your feeling, this blogger has only this to counter: “If what you’ve been doing with your lawyer(s) and having spent much money and your case is still not resolved, what have you got to lose?”

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Flags, symbols, and statues resurgent as Globalism declines

The negative reactions to cultural and religious threats brought about by the manifestations of globalism – mass movement of refugees, dictates from supranational organizations like the European Union and the United Nations, and the loss of financial independence

* The Decomposing Corpse of NATO  



As the forces of globalism retreat after numerous defeats in the United States, the United Kingdom, Turkey, and other nations, there is a resurgent popularity in national, historical, and cultural symbols. These include flags, statues of forbearers, place names, language, and, in fact, anything that distinguishes one national or sub-national group from others. The negative reactions to cultural and religious threats brought about by the manifestations of globalism – mass movement of refugees, dictates from supranational organizations like the European Union and the United Nations, and the loss of financial independence – should have been expected by the globalists. Caught up in their own self-importance and hubris, the globalists are now debasing the forces of national, religious, and cultural identity as threats to the “world order.”

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