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Obozo eating crow over Trump Carrier deal

Clearly Trump does know what to do what this bozo doesn’t – pick up the phone and negotiate. And America allowed this fake to run riot at the Oval Office for 8 years?


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Democrats Still Don’t Get It – Pelosi Will Lead Them Down Same Losing Path

The Democratic Party will self-destruct. No loss to America – and the world.


Funding Dries Up As Angry, Discouraged Donors Abandoning The Democratic Party In Droves

Obozo and Shillary are birds of the same feather – crooked, lieing, murderous, treasonous. Not only have they accelerated massive destruction of USA but also the world.


Marine Le Pen will not put up with any nonsense from BBC reporter

The Nigel Farage, Donald Trump momentum is gaining traction and speed worldwide. The People have awoken; the globalist elites are sinking fast.


Trump Scores a Victory Today That Obama Would Have Never Gotten

Cenk Uygur, you forgot, reason Obozo cannot do it is because he’s been bought and paid for by Corporate America!


PIZZAGATE Just Got Even Darker Than ”EYES WIDE SHUT’

What’s Really Going On?!

Death Toll Rises from Alleged ‘Thunderstorm Asthma’ … Thousands Hospitalized


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Leading psychic healer warns of a planned Trump assassination

In the vision, Trump was seated talking to Obama, and then all of a sudden someone entered the room with a semi-automatic rifle and started firing shots. Obama took cover behind a large box or desk in the Oval office, and came out unhurt. There was much panic; I could not see Trump.

Obama then declared martial law. This would mean he would run the country once again.”


The ‘experts’ were all wrong about Donald Trump

Will what these goons have to say to the American public matter any more? Guess not, and they should all crawl back into the holes where they came from!

* Morning Joe Calls Out Media Re: Recount “You keep getting it wrong”   


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Shameless, lieing Hillary a two-time loser!


“The only thing Hillary is going to achieve by backing Jill Stein’s shameless recount stunt is to make herself a TWO-TIME loser and drag America’s reputation as a democracy through the mud. How very Clinton of her!”