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Complete List of BANKS Owned or Controlled by the Rothschild Family

* European Banks Prepare For “Economic Nuclear Winter”
* “Central Banks Now Own $25 Trillion Of Financial Assets”
* Lord Rothschild: “This Is The Greatest Experiment In Monetary Policy In The History Of The World”
* 90 Federal Police Officers Raided Edmond de Rothschild Bank! How Aabar Scandal Could Dwarf 1MDB

Source of report here.
By Alexander Light

“Give me control over a nations currency, and I care not who makes its laws” – Baron M.A. Rothschild

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4. Everything about the Rothschild Zionism
5. How the Rothschilds Became the Secret Rulers of the World
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Germany makes game changing move, prepares for war to defeat khazarian mafia

Benjamin Fulford Update, August 29, 2016

* ‘TTIP negotiations between EU and US have de facto failed’ – German economy minister 
* Hillary GREEN SCREEN Fake Crowd? Clinton Seizure Fix (Reno NV Speech)?
* Simon Parkes 28.8.2016, Situation in Europe
NOW FINLAND TOO! Local Councils Warning Citizens “Stockpile Food & Water – Prepare” as US TANKS go on the move!  

Source of report here.

For the past few weeks the wheels of geopolitics have been churning the mud during a summer “ceasefire.” That is now ending.

The German government has made a decisive break with the Khazarian mafia and has ordered its citizens to stockpile 10 days worth of emergency food supplies in preparation for a war of independence, according to both CIA and MI6 sources. In addition, the German government is mobilizing 600,000 militia members in preparation for this war, the sources say. The trigger for this mobilization was a request by the Khazarian-controlled US government for Germany to accept a massive false flag attack on its territory as an excuse for totalitarian Khazarian rule.

The Germans have decided to refuse this request and are instead allying themselves with the Russians and effectively joining the UK and Turkey in a Western led move against the Khazarian-controlled American government, the sources agree.

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The US: A Dead Nation Walking

* “I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This Before” – The Housing Markets In The Hamptons, Aspen And Miami Are All Crashing
* It’s time to defeat the Establishment and #RetireMcCain
* NASA spacecraft detects strange object in space
* Hillary Seizure DOCTOR Drugs Her For Epilepsy? Parkinsons, Blackouts, Tumor, Illness, Sick Clinton!

* TTIP negotiations between EU and US have de facto failed’ – German economy minister

Source of report here.
By Paul Craig Roberts

Here is an informative article by Dmitry Orlov:

I use the writings of Orlov and The Saker as checks on my own conclusions.

In his article Orlov concludes that the United States is a dead nation, still walking, but no longer a uni-power. I agree with Orlov that US weapon systems are more focused on profits than on effectiveness and that Russia has superior weapons and a superior cause based on protection rather than dominance. However, in his assessment of the possibility of nuclear war, I think that Orlov under-appreciates the commitment of Washington’s Neoconservatives to US world hegemony and the recklessness of the Neoconservatives and Hillary Clinton. Washington is incensed that Russia (and China) dare to stand up to Washington, and this anger crowds out judgment.

Orlov, also, I think, under-estimates the weakness in the Russian government provided by the “Atlanticist Integrationists.” These are members of the Russian elite who believe that Russia’s future depends on being integrated with the West. To achieve this integration, they are willing to sacrifice some undetermined amount of Russian sovereignty.

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Corey Goode Intel Update Part 2

* BleachBit Brags Of Wiping Hillary’s Servers Clean With Claims It “Stifled FBI Investigation”  


Source of report here.

Raw-Tear-Eir greeted me in the normal fashion. Raw-Rain-Eir, Raw-Mare-Eir and the Golden Triangle Head Being stayed in position about 30 feet away and seemed to have their attention focused in my direction.

Tear-Eir then began to communicate with me using similar wording as seen in the Law of One.

When I was in Joshua Tree for the conference this past summer, I had an experience that caught me off guard. It began when many of the attendees at Contact in the Desert saw a blue blinking light in the sky for some time, at a high altitude. There was no corresponding red light as you would normally see with an airplane. The “blue blinker” did not move at all like a plane, going forwards and backwards and side to side in different patterns. I called David in excitement when I saw it myself and soon he went outside and observed it for an extended time as well.\

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VT Exclusive: Largest Pedophile Ring in History, 70,000 Members, Heads of State, the Rats Scramble

VT and Keshe take the lead in breaking the most insidious human trafficking gang on the planet

* WikiLeaks’ Assange Warns Clinton Campaign: More Game-Changing Emails Loom
* “Trumpocrats”: Democrats for Trump launch a super PAC
* Trumpocrats to Tour Rust Belt, Energize Democrats for Trump Against Hillary
* Nigel Farage Draws Thunderous Ovation At Trump Rally: “I Wouldn’t Vote For Hillary If She Paid Me” 

Source of report here.
By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Millions read the news today, the pedophile ring “busted” or the earlier article about how the FBI actually ran it for several weeks, expanding it, drawing in tens of thousands. Those who read it thought they knew, thought they were getting the story but as is so often the case, the truth goes so much further. 

When Veterans Today tied the murder of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia to a White House blackmail plot and a strange tale involving the Keshe Foundation, it became clear that the highest and most powerful in Europe, the US and around the world, were tied together in a web of ritual child abuse on a massive scale. For the Scalia tale, refer to Appendix I.

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How the Clinton Foundation Ripped Off Haiti

* “Clinton Cash”: Haiti Earthquake Helped To Enrich The Clintons
* Tom Fitton on Howie Carr Show: Clinton Foundation Will Shut Down by End of Week
* CLINTON CASH Official Documentary Movie 

* Wikileaks: 67 Emails Between Hillary and Chelsea Clinton under HER FAKE NAME “Diane Reynolds”    


FBI uncovers 14,900 more documents in Clinton email probe

* Judicial Watch president on latest batch of Clinton emails  

* State Department Can’t Answer Clinton Foundation Questions! Bows Head in Shame!
* Bahrain’s Prince Got Audience With Clinton After Donating $32 Million To Her Foundation 

* The Real Reason Wheat is Toxic (It’s Not the Gluten)  


The Democratic presidential nominee hits the road after her party’s national convention.

Source of report here.

The FBI’s year-long investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server uncovered 14,900 emails and documents from her time as secretary of state that had not been disclosed by her attorneys, and a federal judge on Monday pressed the State Department to begin releasing emails sooner than mid-October as it planned.

Justice Department lawyers said last week that the State Department would review and turn over Clinton’s work-related emails to a conservative legal group. The records are among “tens of thousands” of documents found by the FBI in its probe and turned over to the State Department, Justice Department attorney Lisa Ann Olson said Monday in court.

The 14,900 Clinton documents are nearly 50 percent more than the roughly 30,000 emails that Clinton’s lawyers deemed work-related and returned to the department in December 2014.

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The main factions in the battle for the planet earth and their current status

Benjamin Fulford Update, August 22, 2016

* Neil Keenan Update, August 20, 2016 | As Promised Now I Am Delivering: The Healing Computer
* Rothschild Warns “Biggest Financial Experiment in History” About to Unleash Consequences Unknown
* A Displeased Colin Powell Accuses Hillary Of “Trying To Pin” Email Scandal On His Advice  

Source of report here.

Notice to readers: Unless there are major upheavals, until August 29th, this newsletter will contain non-time sensitive, pre-written material as your correspondent will be on vacation.

The ongoing battle for control of the financial system, and thus control over the process of deciding what we as a species will be doing in the future, is reaching a climax. For this reason, this might be a good time to look at who the major players are and what their position is.

First of all, let us look at the Khazarian/Nazi faction that took over control of the Europe, Japan and the United States following the September 11, 2001 false flag attack in New York. This faction is led by George Bush Sr., David Rockefeller and their lackeys. Their plan was to reduce the world’s population by 90% through starvation, disease and war. Ample proof of this has been provided to various police, military and intelligence agencies around the world. Since the Nazi takeover of the United States was completed with the election stolen by George Bush Jr. in the year 2000 the government of the United States has tried to murder us through the release of bio-weapons including SARS, Bird Flu, Ebola etc….

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PRESSCON: President Rodrigo Duterte to De Lima, UN, Extra Judicial Killings at Davao August 21 2016

* “I Don’t Give A Shit About Them” – Philippines President Threatens To Quit “Son Of A Bitch” United Nations
* Duterte fires ex-President’s men
* Why expose De Lima’s ‘relationship’ with her driver? 
* Enrile daughter to De Lima: You shamed my father too  
* De Lima mum on ex-driver’s alleged ties to drugs  

Trump Is Right: Here’s Proof Hillary & Obama Founded ISIS

* Leaked memo proves George Soros ruled Ukraine in 2014, minutes from “Breakfast with US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt”
* More Than Half Of Clinton Foundation’s Major Donors Would Be Barred Under New Rule
* The Only Reason The Dollar Has Not Collapsed Is Because Of Fraud, Manipulation & Graft: ‘V’
* How does a woman with so many political liabilities, criminal allegations, physical deficits and foreign policy blunders run for president?