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Refuse of Abuse

garbage1.jpg  Courtesy of mob1900

Years of corruptions, excesses, bail-outs and leakages have accumulated for us a huge pile of rubbish thats repulsive and stinking to high heaven.

It may take forever to incinerate and rid the garbage and stench. But then again, it may probably never be overcome simply because most of the culprits are not held responsible and often even allowed to stay in office to continue with the abuse!

This landfill of refuse of abuse will serve as a constant reminder to us Malaysians that the representatives we have voted into office have not been doing their jobs and, worse still, we are made to pay for their rampant irresponsibilities through taxes and more taxes.

Our tax money is hard-earned and could have been better spent to benefit every Malaysian with better housing, healthcare, education, social and infrastructure development.

What’s disgustingly unacceptable is that this refuse of abuse had been manipulated into a fine art by an elite group of well-connected people in high places to help squander and consequently siphon our money into their personal accounts.

The more rubbish they create the more they enrich themselves whereas the rakyat is continuously buried under the dead-weight of higher taxes and spiraling cost of living.

It’s so heart-breaking that payback of these abuses will probably stretch over a few generations of Malaysians. So expect more and higher taxes to come your way. A few generations! Think about how your children and theirs, followed by theirs, will bear the burden and fend for themselves in the years to come. For now it doesn’t look pretty and it’s depressing.

When is the abuse going to stop? When are we going to have responsible people in office who are true to their promise of serving the rakyat not themselves? When are we going to see good governance of our elected representatives?

The day will come when, and only when, we are able to listen and see past the conniving sweet-talk and deceiving quick-fixes just before ballot day and then vote wisely.

Caring Malaysians are encouraged to provide details of any refuse of abuse known and highlighted in the media for listing here for the benefit of the rakyat. Thank you.


Refuse of Abuse




Action taken


37 offences under Companies Act 1965

State assemblyman Datuk Zakaria Md Deros (Palace Zakaria)

Port Klang

Possible 5 yrs jail & fine u.t RM30,000 for each charge

Fined RM1,400, all charges dropped on 24 Aug 07


RM4.632 billion fiasco

Port Klang Authority

Port Klang Free Zone

Possible soft loan (bail out) by govt.

  1. How shameful, money down the drain by corrupted people, while many still suffering. Prices of many goods are high, corruption is high and crime is high. Never voted before, but will in next election.

  2. Langitputra permalink

    This is really bad !!!!!!!

  3. When a corrupt is done by a Malay, a Chinese is eager to mention it. But if it is done by a Chinese, a Chinese is very reluctant to mention it.

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