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Corey Goode Intel Update Part 1 – August 2016

* 10 Orwellian Moments Found in the Newly Leaked Private NSA Newsletters  

* How The Globalists Will Attempt To Control Populations Post-Collapse 

* The Heat Is On Hakkasan – We Reveal The Link Between 1MDB And The Billion Dollar Nightclub Chain In Vegas EXCLUSIVE!
* Will Husam And Matthias Chang Be Imprisoned Under SOSMA For Filing Action In USA?
* Noose Tightening: Riza, Jho Low Trial In US Starst 22 Aug ’16


Source of report here.

Our planet and solar system is going through a change far more profound than most people could ever imagine. Not only are extraterrestrials very real, both the positive and negative groups are far more involved in our own lives than most of us could ever realize. Although many people now discount the classic spiritual teachings that we have received over the millennia, it turns out that nothing could be of greater significance for us to study and practice.

I performed 20 years of service in the “secret space program,” which is still unknown to most people. And yet, more and more insiders are now emerging, such as aerospace engineer William Tompkins, who can independently validate many aspects of my testimony. Tompkins can be seen on Cosmic Disclosure, a weekly show on Gaia that has helped me share this message with a large audience now exceeding the TV viewership numbers of CNN.

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Is Free Energy really possible with the Keshe magrav power generator?

Undeniable proof it is 100% possible!


And the system shown below (presented on August 12, 2016) is only one of the thousands of successful proof-of-concepts built and demonstrated around the world. Go build one yourself … the link for blueprints to do so is at the end of this blog entry. It’s time the doubters, the shills and the trolls — all stfu from now till eternity!

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Only Four People Line Up to See Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden in Pennsylvania

* Trump vs Hillary in Kissimmee: Trump Gets THOUSANDS – Hillary Gets 150… Including Terrorist Daddy
* Were Hillary Clinton’s Statements False?  


Source of report here.
By Jim Hoft Aug 15th, 2016

After taking the weekend off to relax and rejuvenate Hillary Clinton took Joe Biden with her on the campaign trail on Monday.

The two held a rally in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

It was another small crowd.

Hillary Clinton is lucky to get a few hundred supporters to come out to see her on the campaign trail.


Economic and demographic data make it clear it is game over for the Khazarian mafia

Benjamin Fulford Update,August 15, 2016

* Neil Keenan Update, August 13, 2016 | Asian Insider Sends Regards From Geneva – Where He Is Part Of The UN
* Portugal Gaining On Italy In The European Banking “Doom Loop”
* Secret Service Whistleblower: Hillary Has Major Neurological Problems : Source says big announcement from Clinton campaign about her health coming soon
* GoldFish Report No 57, ExoPolitics Round Table Part 3 “Manifesting our New Society” 

* John McCain Busted! ‘MISFILED’ CIA RECORDING Proves His Entire Career Built On A Lie  

Source of report here.

Notice to readers: Due to our annual holiday’s this week’s newsletter has been written in advance with non-time sensitive content.

Recently, the Chinese government’s Xinhua news service reported that developing and emerging countries combined (the BRICS alliance) control 85% of the world’s population, 60% of its GDP and account for 80% of economic growth. In other words, the Khazarian mafia controlled countries have lost the battle both economically and demographically. Furthermore, the more time passes, the weaker their position gets.

If you look at World Bank data on real GDP (Purchasing Power Parity) you see that the members of the OECD’s (the rich countries club) total GDP is 50.9 trillion dollars while the rest of the world’s GDP is 127.3 trillion dollars. That means that even if all the rich countries allied themselves with the Khazarian faction ruling the US, they would have less than half the economic power of the BRICS alliance.

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George Soros Hacked, Over 2,500 Internal Docs Released Online

* Bill Clinton Just Said Hillary’s Email Crimes Are Too Complicated For Ordinary People To Understand  

Source of report here.

Last Thursday, as Bloomberg was gingerly setting the stage, and the preemptive damage control for what was about to be a historic leak, it did everything in its power to deflect attention from the key topic, namely that prominent liberal billionaire and Hillary supporter, George Soros had been hacked and countless documents were about to be leaked, and instead focus on the alleged identity of the hackers, the so-called DCLeaks, which – like all other “experts” – it positioned as yet another Russian government-sponsored operation.

To this we had one retort: “Far more important than the inane speculation on the hackers’ identity, is the now official disclosure – and warning – that Soros himself was hacked. Bloomberg writes that Open Society Foundations, the Soros group, reported the breach to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in June, according to spokeswoman Laura Silber, who added that an investigation by a security firm found the intrusion was limited to an intranet system used by board members, staff and foundation partners.”

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8 Revelations From 2016 That Completely Vindicate Conspiracy Theorists

Noted II:
* MURDER AT CERN – Disturbing Human Sacrifice Video Surfaces  

* Something is Very Wrong  

* Is the United States using HAARP to devastate food supplies and cause mass starvation in other countries?
* Millions of Americans exposed to deadly, toxic chemicals in public water supplies… massive scientific investigation backs up Health Ranger findings
* Vaccine quackery bombshell: Key studies cited to “prove” vaccine safety were funded by Big Pharma  


The term conspiracy theorist originated with the CIA as an effort to discredit viable theories from credible people who chanced upon the truth.

Source of report here.
Original report by Claire Bernish, The Free Thought Project

It could easily be said 2016 has been the year so-called conspiracy theorists were vindicated — and we aren’t yet five months in.

Before explaining why that is the case, make no mistake — the term conspiracy theorist originated with the CIA as an effort to discredit viable theories from credible people who chanced upon the truth.

First revealed by the New York Times in 1976, pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act request, the CIA hadwrittenadispatchof its “psychological operations” — disinformation — specifically to “provide material countering and discrediting the claims of the conspiracy theorists, so as to inhibit the circulation of such claims in other countries” and to “employ propaganda assets to refute the attacks of the critics.”

That said, 2016 thus far has proven remarkable for the sheer volume of information brought to light by people, events, and the general crumbling of the deep-seated establishment narrative — and it’s no small matter for those whose claims had previously been met with scorn and derision.

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Keshe Presents Another Breakthrough!

FREE ENERGY (Magrav) Plasma Generator Here NOW!!


* Kf SSI 128th Knowledge Seekers Workshop Aug 11 2016 – (Must Watch) 

* MAKING GOLD – Prepare Gold Gans PART 1 – Thorbjørn Morstad
* Testimonial on the Keshe Foundation Magravs Home Power Supply
* Plasma Presentation – Thorbjorn Morstad, Calidad Norway
* Plasma Battery 3000 Volts!!! Keshe Method
* Working Magrav Power System For Car
Car Magrav Insights 98th KSW
* Working Magrav + Solar Panels – Keshe Tech – Strange things Happening
* Test off grid v2 1  

Now, no one on planet Earth should be without energy … living in the dark, in severe hot or cold condition.

There should also be no more construction of environment-unfriendly hydro-electric dams, nuclear power stations, wind farms, solar-panel farms or oil pipelines. In fact all these environment-damaging and unsightly ‘complexes’ should be torn down and the environment restored to their original pristine state.

“This technology (magrav power system) solves all problems of, and for, humanity.” – James from Canada

Everyone on planet Earth can use the Keshe Foundation magrav power technology to produce energy, water, food, gold, diamond, materials, health-healing system, space-flight system, weapon-disabling system, etc. This technology does not require any external power source to function. There are no magnets, no moving-parts. There is no noise, no heat, no pollution. No maintenance or top-up required. The system (which you can build yourself at a very low cost) works perpetually. It is a stand-alone system. It will operate anywhere in the universe. Humanity will no longer be enslaved. Humanity will have to learn to live by a new ethos. No more poverty; only abundance for all.

Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute

Loretta Lynch’s Justice Dept Declined FBI Request To Investigate Clinton Foundation

* Three Damning New Reports on Hillary Clinton  

* Hack of Democrats’ Accounts Was Wider Than Believed, Officials Say
* Justice Department officials pushed for Clinton Foundation probe
* CNN Admits “We Couldn’t Help [Hillary] Any More Than We Have”
* The Elite’s Plan B Emerges Due to Hillary’s Failing Health
* Rand Paul calls for indictment of Hillary Clinton 

* 96% Of Clinton Donations Went To The Clinton Foundation  


Former President Bill Clinton, Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation Chelsea Clinton, discuss the Clinton Global Initiative University during the closing plenary session on the second day of the 2014 Meeting of Clinton Global Initiative University at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona March 22, 2014. (REUTERS/Samantha Sais)

Source of report here.
By Chuck Ross, The Daily Caller, 08/10/2016

The Department of Justice declined a FBI request to open up a public integrity investigation into the Clinton Foundation, CNN reported on Wednesday.

According to the news network, the FBI made the request earlier this year, but the DOJ said it did not have enough evidence to open a formal probe.CNN reported:

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Judge Jeanine Backs Comey Into A Corner!

Comey Must Indict Hillary!!


* WIKILEAKS: George Soros Email to Hillary Clinton
News article from the Balkans shortly after — proving Hillary did exactly what Soros told her to do
* Murders Follow Hillary’s Emails
* REVEALED: Obama DOJ Blocked Clinton Foundation Investigation
* Hillary’s Vast Left-Wing Conspiracies

Hillary’s Secret Service Agent Spills The Terrifying Truth With Jerome Corsi

* Latest Hillary Email Scandal Reveals State Department “Favors” To Clinton Foundation
* Hillary Appears To FAINT Again – She HAS Serious BRAIN Damage