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Political guest ‘explodes’ on live TV

Good for him, surely he’ll be happy with Trump’s plan to Make America Great Again


The Donald cannot make a wrong move, The Trump Movement will not be thwarted

NO ONE Knows What Is Really Going On Right Now

* Deep State Has Been Defeated, The New World Order Has Been Halted   




Currently things look very precarious for President Donald Trump … and they are indeed.

Inauguration Day represents a HUGE hurdle for him to get over in one piece.

Once he’s in the Oval Office, everything changes.  He will be in the position to clean house like never before in U.S. history.

However, until he’s in the seat of power, they (Deep State) will throw everything at him, including the kitchen sink.

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Obozo begins releasing Trump phone calls after Trump’s allies move to takeover CNN

* Will the CIA assassinate Trump? Ron Paul warns of “more powerful, shadow government”   


A stunning Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that President Barak Obama signed an order this past week instructing the National Security Agency (NSA) to turn over to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) secretly recorded private telephonic conversations and text messages of President-elect Donald Trump and his Transition Team (GreatAgain) — and who then, in turn, began illegally releasing them to the US mainstream “fake news” propaganda media in order to destroy this new leaders ability to lead his nation to peace and prosperity.

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Dr. Udo Ulfkotte dead at 57. Was he taken out?

Hes the best-selling author and mainstream German journalist who confessed to writing FAKE NEWS – bribed by CIA – back in 2014


* Source of report here – Junge Freiheit
* Udo Ulfkotte website
* This blog covered him here in Oct 2014

* The ‘News’ Media as We Knew It Is Finished   


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Obozo okays massive shipment of uranium to Iran that could produce 10 nukes

Can the Iran deal get any worse?

* Obozo signs 4 more executive orders in last 24 hours, 01.13.2017   



By Ari Lieberman

“The worst agreement in U.S. diplomatic history,” that was the way Charles Krauthammer characterized the Iran deal back in July 2015. Of course, when Krauthammer made that very accurate assessment, he had no way of knowing that the deal was even worse than originally envisioned.

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Obozocare Dead

* Mad As Hell – Why the public is so pissed off   


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How does it feel to be dismissed, CNN?

CIA Plot Exposed?

Kill Trump & Invade Russia?


Noted II:
* Assassination Alert: WEAPONS BEING FOUND ALL OVER DC   

* Confirmed: CIA Plans To Stop Trump Inauguration – Info Wars
Dems Planning Martial Law Riots – 01/13/2017
* The Final Takedown of Trump Begins in Earnest   


FBI leaks 300 pages of Crooked Hillary’s top secret e-mails

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Wanna know what the Chief of FAKE NEWS stands for now?

Corrupt News Network
Counterfeit News Network
Communist News Network
Clinton News Network
Crooked News Network

* Cavuto: How does it feel to be dismissed, CNN?
Trump to CNN: Sit Down and Shut Up, Fake News!
* If You Think ‘Fake News’ Is A New Phenomena, You’re Wrong
* Flashback Dec 2016 – BBC Caught Staging FAKE News Chemical Attack To Drag Britain into Syrian War