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More arrests needed as Western megabanks are now stealing depositors’ money

… Benjamin Fulford Update, August 12, 2015

* Malaysia Meltdown: Asian Currency Crisis 2.0 Sends Ringgit, Stocks, Bonds Crashing

Source of report here.

JP Morgan and other Western mega-banks have already begun stealing depositors’ money, according to sources at the Asian Development Bank and an American millionaire who reported his own funds were stolen. The development bank source said a man who had $4 million on deposit with JP Morgan contacted him to say the bank had refused to allow him to withdraw his money. Instead the man was offered a “365 day bank guarantee.” In other words, the bank would not give him his money but offered to tell other banks that he had money. Many of the largest Western banks are now keeping themselves from going bankrupt by offering “guarantees” to each other, the source said. The American millionaire, based in Washington State, said more than $100 million of his money had also been stolen outright. A Japanese financier also told this writer that Citibank had stolen more than $10 million of his money he deposited at their branch in Tokyo. A Japanese female acquaintance said she had too had $50,000 stolen from her account at the branch of an American owned bank in Tokyo. The banks were not available for comment at the time of this writing but it is clear from this anecdotal and also from public evidence (like derivatives holdings and market manipulation) that most Western mega-banks are no longer functioning properly.

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Families of 9/11 Victims On Verge of Proving Government Cover Up in Court

* An Economic Earthquake Is Rumbling
* Just As Brazil Hits Rock Bottom, Things Are About To Get Even Worse
* How Much More Faith In Central Banks Is Left? 

Source of report here.
By SM Gibson, AntiMedia, August 10, 2015

For many years, rumors have circulated regarding the U.S. government’s involvement in an active cover-up of a sinister connection between Saudi Arabia and the terrorist attacks of 9/11. In fact, 28 redacted pages from a congressional intelligence report  are said to contain damning information that implicates the Saudis in the 2001 mass murder of American citizens. Despite a bipartisan effort to release the information, the now notorious 28 pages are still being withheld from the public under the predictable guise of “national security.”

Now, thanks to a federal lawsuit in a Manhattan court, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel.

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“We can disarm every man on this planet and take less than five minutes to do it.”

Keshe Foundation

* Disclosure, Why Sabotaging the Iran Agreement Takes Down America – Counterfeit Iranian Plasma Tech Offered to NASA/DOD by Scamster Intel Operators – Gordon Duff, Veterans Today, August 10, 2015

* Keshe Foundation: The World Peace Roadmap
‘Keshe’ Downed US DRONE in IRAN – Mach 35 Speed with ‘K’ Plasma Energy  

Keshe Foundation (magrav) plasma reactors you can buy and enjoy Free Energy

They are about the size of a Coke-can and use gans to replicate the universe’s naturally-occuring magrav for humanity’s benefit


gans = gas in nano state
magrav = magnetic gravitational field

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Free Energy now a reality! … Tap it! … Benefit from it!

“How to make the (magrav) power beads …” as taught us by Alekz Egbaran at the 68th Keshe Foundation SSI Knowledge Seekers Workshop on 02 July 2015


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Alekz Egbaran YouTube Channel

Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute Knowledge Seekers Workshop

Eben Alexander: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey through the Afterlife

* Dying To Be Me 
My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing by Anita Moorjani
Anita Moorjani in Sedona

Corruption Has Infected All Countries, Led By USA. Malaysia Will Be Ravaged!

* Najib’s 1Malaysia = The 1MDB Financial Oligarchy – By Matthias Chang (4/8/15)

Source of report here.
A Future Fast-Forward Editorial (4/8/15)

Read the Article below and apply the observations to Malaysia and you will find no difference in the extent that corruption has infected our political system. This is the point that I made in my article posted to my website today – “Najib’s 1Malaysia = 1MDB Financial Oligarchy”.
The Financial Oligarchy headed by the Rosmah-Najib regime in collaboration with the Jho Low/1MDB crime syndicate has taken complete control of our political institutions. The corruption is so pervasive that there is now a complete paralysis at the leadership level in UMNO and in government.

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MH17: A year without truth

* Field McConnell: “That Washed Up Part Isn’t from MH370 … It Was Put There.”

* MH370: France for Sure Germany Most Likely had the Fake Flap Hauled to CDG on AF671 Today – “Placed Evidence” Could be Kept From Independent Inspection


Khazarian terror plots thwarted, rumours of August 8th arrests run rampant

… Benjamin Fulford Update, August 4, 2015

* Meteor Hits Iran and “Bang!” Islamists Say It’s a Sign of Their Coming “messiah”- The Christian Antichrist!
* “The Worldwide Credit Boom Is Over, Now Comes The Tidal Wave Of Global Deflation”

* Chinese Mafia destroy Illuminati – Interview with D. Rockefeller – Benjamin Fulford

Source of report here.

An Iranian nuclear scientist called a White Dragon Society representative, as well as many government agencies, on the day of the July 31 blue moon to warn of an imminent Khazarian plot to attack multiple Iranian nuclear sites with nuclear armed hijacked civilian airplanes. The scientist said he had been warned a flight from Dubai to Tehran on a Boeing 777-300ER plane he was due to fly in on August 1st was one of the planes that was going to be used in the attack. The warnings were taken seriously and heavy pressure was brought to bear on the Israeli military and intelligence establishment to prevent mad dog war criminal Benyamin Netanyahu and his fellow cabalists from carrying out such an attack. The so-called discovery of a Boeing 777 wing part in the Pacific Ocean last week was meant to be a diversion for this attack, according to Iranian and other sources.

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Keshe Foundation SSI 72nd Knowledge Seekers Workshop, July 30 2015

“The Greatest Moment In Human History”

* 73rd Knowledge Seekers Workshop August 6 2015 

magrav = magnetic gravitational field

The world has changed forever – for the betterment of humanity and the environment. NO! we DO NOT need to build another hydro-electric dam nor another wind-turbine farm nor another nuclear-power plant for clean, sustainable and environment-friendly endless energy!

At last, free energy is here! It’s a reality! We no longer need fossil fuel to power our cars – or anything else for that matter. With the release of Keshe Foundation (magrav) plasma reactor technology to the world, we can also now power our homes and factories with free energy while at the same time supply excess energy to the power grid! Kf (magrav) plasma reactor technology developments/inventions are environment-friendly, need no re-charging, practically ‘plug and play’ and they last a lifetime. (No home, however remote, should now be without power anywhere on planet Earth! Hey, PM Najib, forget about 1MDB dragging you down; get up and go do the heroic thing for the people in Malaysia who have yet to enjoy power in their homes and you’ll come out smelling like roses!)

If one wishes, one can learn to build the Kf (magrav) plasma reactors yourself by attending Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute ‘Knowledge Seekers Workshop‘ online, which is absolutely free of charge.

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Kf Plasma Reactors in Star Formation

Kf Plasma Reactors in Star Formation

Kf Plasma Reactors for Car and Home (order here)

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Dimension about the size of a Coke can. Need no re-charging. Last a lifetime! Now power your car without the need for petrol … power your home with free energy while at the same time supply excess energy to the power grid! (Soon, plasma reactors for motorbikes and factories.)

Keshe Foundation

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