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A truther. God, man, man’s creations, in this order. No tolerance for bullshit. Not politically correct. See evil as evil; wicked as wicked and will kick ass!

  1. motivationinmotion permalink

    With words well spoken
    With hope not mistaken
    With love well shaken
    With promises not broken

    Samuel Goh Kim Eng Fri. 21st Sept. 2007.

  2. DHAMMIKA TOH permalink


  3. kiran permalink

    Very interesting blog. As a Malaysian, I commend you on the sincerity and outspoken demenor. Keep it up and god bless.


    – Thanks for dropping by and God bless you, too. –

  4. Ken Depledge permalink

    Have just read “Future Fastforward ” Excellent book, calling things as they are, and refusing to hide behind modern day rhetoric, that is more denial than facing honesty…Just received your latest book, but have not had a chance to devour it…

    Since 9/11 the Gloablists are working overtime to bring all nations into the global order. Those that try to maintain independence become their enemy. America who once were a sovereign nation, built upon constitutional law under God, have become a pitful democracy under the global International banksters….

    When you put your finger on Thomas Barnett you touched a nerve I am sure..If you go to his speeches are listed, and the one he gave before the CFR is very interesting, when you read between the lines. He identifies himself as we in connection with the Illumanti plans for global oneness.He admits Y2K was a planned event, the second in order being 9/11, to bring America under complete domination of their global agenda. Interesting, is the number of business operations that are tied around this man, everyone of them having lucrative government contracts.. He is even connected with a company that makes high grade explosives along with the latest tech information.

    Keep up the good work. Remember you have now become an enemy of the International Bankers. watch out for false friends. My prayers are with you and yours…Are you familar with Michael Ruppert’s “Crossing the Rubicon” His book should be the book of the Century. His site is “From the wilderness, which still has much info, but is not operating except through blogs, because they blew up his computers, and threatned his life. A great man with a great heart and love of America, who hoped to bring America back to their senses, and made enough headway to become the enemy of the global masters..Write me. If there is any way I can help from this end I will–Ken Depledge–12310 Route 394-Randolph,NY 716-358-5882—my best–Ken

  5. audie61 permalink

    My friend kindly include my site in your blogroll…….appreciate it tks….

    – Sure can do, my brother from Sarawak. Keep up the good work. –

  6. So many good reads here. I’m putting you on my blogroll – so I can come back and visit with you.



    – Thank you for visiting, Patricia, and thank you for putting me on your blogroll. –

  7. Hey ewoon,
    Wondering whether you are the ew, I have not seen l or come across for a very long time.

    If you are, take care and keep in touch.

    – If Celine Dion rings a bell, then it’s me. Take care bro. –

  8. Yes, c rings a bell. You can get me +6012 303 8955.

    Take care bro

  9. do-one permalink

    …rings a bell?

  10. Hi ewoon. You have a great blog. I have been following your blog for some time now. Also added your blog on my blog roll. Appreciate likewise ;) Keep up with the good work and hopefully you and families or friends are safe from the recent unfortunate landslides in Bkt Antarabangsa.


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  12. Hi there!

    Just dropping by to leave a greeting after last nite’s sumptuous dinner.


    – Thanks bro. A pleasure meeting you, too. –

  13. hi Malaysian,

    Nice write up and articles over here. Just want let you know, I enjoy reading them. Good sharing, great spirit. Will drop by again.

    Just another Malaysian too..

  14. manage to catch the latest tune in about this rape song called dunno what what malaysian….

    the chinese dude sang… i am a malaysian chinese…


  15. Hello Ewoon,I happened upon your site and I must say it’s exactly what I was hoping to find. I too am proud of my heritage which is American from Scottish decent but I consider
    myself human 1st. Now that may sound corny or whatever you
    like but I beleive that for the majority of us we are devided by differences such as spiritual,political,ethnic,socio-economic and on and on.I feel some of these differences should be celebrated

    Well,to move on,I really enjoy getting in touch with the views of my people on the other side literally.Although sometimes
    the feedback amazes me.The way people view people
    of other
    cultures.I try to remember were all just trying to live a decent
    fulfilling life.

    Wow hope Im not coming off like a flake, oh well, to late.
    Thanks for the site.I know I’m not the only one who
    appreciates the work put in here. Thanks again. Peace

    By the way hope you and yours were protected and safe from the storm.I know the Philliphines is devasted.

  16. The Hammer permalink

    Hey ewoon, are you the same ewoon I know of – the creative ad man with a passion for IT? WordPress is cool man!

    – yo, Hammer! Welcome to my blog. –

  17. malaysian too permalink

    Cool.. it’s great to know that there are other Malaysians out there that are aware about the DISCLOSURE… and that we are really not alone.

  18. Friendly amendment: Nice blog. If you want to write in English, I would encourage you to get a copy of English Grammar in Use or any similar publication where you can brush up on the basics of grammar and syntax. Of course, Manglish may be part and parcel of being Malaysian – but there is also the issue of respecting your readers. On that count, the constant mixing of singular vs. plural / countable vs. uncountable and other Manglish hallmarks gets quite tiring and cumbersome to the reader’s eye. All the best.

  19. Anonymous permalink

    Interesting…! May God bless you with added ‘mind power’ and the ‘forever challenging spirit’ to discover the truth for ‘peace’ and ‘happiness’ in our life!

  20. our future 1 day can be beter if 90% of the people will act on truthful conscience!

  21. being a 1Malaysian within 1Malaysia, to speak the truth at the internet and as blogger if it is not base on the ‘matter of fact’ and ‘good faith’ one can charged at Court for defamtion! Just be careful…but…God helps also!

  22. Ah, I knew I wasn’t the only one, because here is another fruitcake that is even more fruity than me….

    Set a watch over your heart, for from it comes the issues of life ~ Written in the Bible somewhere.

    Just beware that there is A LOT of rubbish out there, dude. Just saying.

  23. You have a good thing going here, love it

  24. I would like to talk to you about the Fifth Dimension…You are right many of us are there….The split is happening as we speak…

  25. Anonymous permalink

    About this article: Monotheism in crisis as high level insiders claim the Qu’ran and the New Testament were Vatican P2 lodge propaganda.

    For those who have encountered Jesus Christ personally in their lives (through miracles, etc), this article about Jesus Christ is erroneous!

    • Skeptikc permalink

      It has been said that the Piso family wrote the cult of Christianity into the New Testament bible because Caesar Constantine recognized the belief in Jesus Christ as a powerful tool to keep the citizens of the Rome in line and under mind-control. Incredibly enough he sent his mother to Jerusalem to retrieve the remains of Jesus’ cross and she RETURNED WITH FRAGMENTS ALL OF 3 HUNDRED YEARS LATER! Thusly, a mind-control cult, known as Roman Catholicism, was born and has effectively controlled the Global population about 2 thousand years. The emperor who had the New Testament written, engaged Josephus, a Jewish historian fluent in Hebrew, Aramaic and Latin to assist with the writing of the book.

      Today we have a whole range of Churchtianities called Christian, ranging from evangelism to Orthodoxy to Catholicism, and all are run by practicing Satanists at the top of their hierarchies while the bible is taught to the followers.

      That is not to say that Jesus of Nazareth did not exist: every one of the mind-control cults has usurped his name and ignored the importance of his teaching of ascension for reverence for the controllers, money and a method to deliver more and more power to the controllers.

      I think one of the strongest proofs that Jesus did exist, is in this book, where the Jews of Europe enacted a Satanic blood ritual on a kidnapped young Christian child in memory of the crucifixion of Jesus and have done this in Europe for 1500 years…being subsequently exiled from 109 countries, when the childrens’ discarded bodies, drained of blood, we’re horrifically discovered.

      Banned by Israel, the author house – arrested for telling the truth, free download online:

  26. Hi, Yao Wei here, I’m a lightworker base in Klang. I believe we share the same vision. Please check out my website and yamcha with me. It’s time the light should gather.

  27. Please get this out ASAP! In case the email doesn’t get to you I am posting this here for you to review. This needs to be reposted on your blog. Alex Jones admitted that people are sending him horrible illegal files and it is likely to try to set him up and he warned about it a month prior.

    Please cover on your blog about my post regarding Alex Jones receiving a set up attempt. This is very important and the evidence is on my blog post. It is connected with the attacks. Please repost the entire post on your blog in case my blog post gets censored. You have my permission to post my entire article about Alex Jones being put under attack by the CP set up political hackers squad or whoever they are at this point.

    Alex Jones the next set up attempt victim.

    Alex Jones is receiving CP from despicable Pedophiles and they are sending him CP likely in a bid to set him up like with Luke Rudkowski, Stewart Rhodes, Ian Freeman of Free Talk Live, and others.

  28. Sunny Chong permalink

    Hi ewoon, I am Sunflower Chong Sun Wah a light-worker too:) The ZIOPIGS hack my blogs so now I cannot login because it’s not safe:( Still could not find someone to help me out.

    This is one of my blog

    Love, Sunflower Chong

    • Hello Sunny,

      Have you tried contacting the people who are hosting your blogsite? I believe when you have established that you are the owner of the blog, the administrator would be able to restore the blog back to your control.

      The process would be a hassle but it would be worth the time, effort and pain if you want your blog back.

      Just wondering. Why ‘hijack’ your blog and keep it running?

      All the best.

  29. Reality bites permalink

    Ancient Chinese are not an Israelite tribe.
    The pagan demon god shang di is not the God of Israel.
    You need to seriously get some help with your delusion and your paranoid fear of Malays

  30. Margaret Burgess permalink

    WOW! Just finished reading your info on John McCain. I feel like I have been under a rock! I had fallen for all of the war hero propaganda. Gosh how sickening. I also was reading about Obama as well. Thank you for your research. I wish all of the videos had been available that were attached to the articles, but YouTube no longer had them available.

    • Margaret Burgess,

      There’s nothing good you can learn from Obozo but …

      THE FIRST illegitimate, treasonous, fake & black US president who totally shredded America!
      ARREST him!
      INDICT him!
      GITMO him!
      EMBLAZON his legacy of treason against America on a huge concrete turd & plonk it in the middle of Chicago and/or Washington DC for all to see!

  31. alexanderscottish permalink

    Well done. As we say in Yorkshire, I am gobsmacked. Regards ☮️

  32. Fernie permalink

    Who was your source in your article about the charges against Obama, Clinton et al, as co conspirators against President Trump. Have they’ve been arrested?

  33. Cindy Kwet permalink

    Hello ewoon. TQ for sharing the contents in your blog. Gems. Cindy Kwet, Puchong Malaysia

    • Thank you Ms Kwet. You (and all people in the world) are welcome to the contents and share with others.

      ‘5 Greatest Lessons To Learn In Your Life’ is worth learning. ;)

  34. “The roiling drama the world is now experiencing is not something that’s happening naturally / on its own.

    Nor is it something that’s being driven by supernatural forces.

    It is the result of an ongoing effort by the kabbalist bankster families + the world’s royal families (the “globalists”) to consolidate complete control over our planet.

    It is their intention to rule over us like gods in a post-democratic world they own lock, stock, and barrel.

    And to get there, they are taking us through a religious drama, the “End Times” stageplay, which is currently scheduled to continue for another 11 years.

    Their “End Times” stageplay is an engineered attempt to fulfill the various “end of the world” prophecies of the world’s religions, “prophets,” “seers,” and “revelators” — prophecies that the globalists themselves have reinterpreted, organized, and promoted to the public in order to facilitate acceptance of their counterfeit fulfillment”

  35. emv1iem permalink

    Thank you for your blog. I like it.

    • emv1iem,

      Thank you for visiting. You’re most welcome and hopefully there are articles that’ll be useful to you.

  36. Claire permalink

    Nice to meet you . I am a Singaporean filmmaker and investigative journalist. Would like to exchange views in the future if you have time. Based in the States.

    • Hello Claire, thank you for visiting. Write me an email and we can begin to exchange views.

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