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  1. bangmalaysia permalink

    Hi iamamalaysian,

    It was a pleasure meeting you on Bangsa Malaysia Merdeka Get-together, the other night with Harold and Ghostline. My blog address and email is as follows:


    BTW would really appreciate it if you could teach me how to:

    1. Post pictures by the side of WordPress.

    2. Create pages

    3. Create … read more

    TQ so much


    – The pleasure was mine, too. Give me a day or two to write out the steps and i will email to you. Take care.

  2. wee choo keong permalink

    Subject: Lingam

    Media statement by Wee Choo Keong, Secretary-General of the Malaysian Democratic Party (MDP) on 22-11-2007 in Kuala Lumpur.


    Yesterday, Lingam produced a medical report purportedly from Dr Davedas. Mr Thirunama has informed me that he had never received any medical report from Dr Davedas and he was extremely surprised that Lingam had a copy of such a report. If it was true that Lingam had a copy of such a medical report from Dr Davedas, actions will be taken against him for breach of confidentiality.

    Mr Thirunama had stated in his statutory declaration as follows:

    1. that at that material time he didn’t lodge any report to the ACA and he believes that the report may have been lodged by other parties, who were being sued by Lingam;

    2. that one week before 08-03-1998 he was told by Lingam that all the members of the family will be questioned by ACA on his corrupt practices with the judges, former inspector general of police and the former Attorney-General, the late Tan Sri Mohtar Abdullah;

    3. that he was specifically asked by Lingam to hide in India, which he refused, and Lingam asked him not to reveal anything to the ACA about him going to the judges house and etc;

    4. that after he gave his statement to the ACA for the first time on 08-03-1998, Lingam and his sister used threats and emotional pressures to force him to pretend to be a person of unsound mind;

    5. that he was also asked by Lingam through his sister to go to his wife company’s panel doctor, Dr David in PJ Old Town;

    6. that Dr David then referred him to Dr Davedas and Dr Davedas prescribed some medication for him;

    7. that he did not consume a single tablet because he was not mentally sick; and

    8. that these tablets have been deposited with a lawyer by Datuk Shafee Abdullah, who was then acting for Mr Raphel Pura, a journalist from Asian Wall Street Journal who was sued by Lingam, for safekeeping.


    I challenge Lingam to produce evidence stating that he was cleared by ACA. The ACA had never made such a statement. In fact, the ACA deputy director-general Datuk Abu Kassim Mohamed told the reporter as follows:

    “Other allegations in his (Mr Thirunama) report were related to the case Lingam was investigated on in 1998 and we have forwarded (the investigation papers to the A-G Chambers for further decision.”

    From the above statement, the ACA never cleared Lingam and in fact the above statement implied that the ACA is still waiting for instructions/decisions from the Attorney-General Chambers.

    It must be noted that the late Tan Sri Mohtar Abdullah was the Attorney-General from 1994 to 2000. At that material time, Tan Sri Mohtar was also heavily implicated in Mr Thirunama’s police report and statement to the ACA in March 1998. Please refer to Mr Thirunama’s Kelana Jaya Report No: 002187 / 2007.

    Therefore, even if there was a decision made by Tan Sri Mohtar to clear Lingam such decision would be extremely questionable and contrary to the well established Rules of Natural Justice i.e. one must not be a judge in his own cause.

    In the spirit of transparency and good governance, I call upon the Attorney-General, Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail to act on the recommendations of the ACA, which are 9 years over due, on the allegations against Lingam in 1998.

    Wee Choo Keong

  3. vaenisaa permalink

    Hey there,
    I really enjoy your website. Your posts are informative and interesting, kudos!I hope your open to the idea of working with us, seeing that our main goal is to create awareness and educate the public on matters such as these for free!

    Would you be open the idea of joining effort in helping to spread the awareness of how much studying abroad really cost for Malaysians?

    We have an info graphic about the cost of education for Malaysians that we feel that your readers would find useful. I have created a HTML code for your convenience just copy and paste it on your blog and the info graphic will appear. The embed code will be on the bottom of this info graphic. Let me know if you’re interested in posting it!

    By the way, I saw that you have a list of blogroll, do you mind linking to us from there?

    PS: I would like to return the favor by sharing one of your blog posts with our Facebook fans. Please tell me which one you would like me to share!

    BTW: I work for iMoney – we compare the rates for all financial products in Malaysia and put them in one site for free. Our mission is to help consumers make informed decisions before spending their money. Today, iMoney is available in, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

    Thanking you in anticipation!


    • ewoon permalink

      Hi Vaenisaa,

      Thank you for visiting my blog.

      Yes, this blog is open to “the idea of joining effort in helping to spread the awareness of how much studying abroad really cost for Malaysians.” Please email me your article for my review.

      Also, please email your url for listing on this blog’s blogroll.

      Thank you.

  4. vaenisaa permalink

    Hey ewoon!

    Thanks for getting back to me , I have also sent you an email to this add :

    Do let me know if you have received it, Excited with the possibility of working together.

    Thanking you in anticipation :)


  5. Our Spirit permalink

    Thank you for posting the American Intelligence Media logo and linking to TRUTH that all citizens of the world need to know. May you continue to AIM 4 Truth and educate and enlighten your readers.

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