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Who are really killing the Ukrainian civilians?

April 6, 2022

* Ukrainian media reported ‘cleansing operation’ against ‘Russian collaborators in Bucha’ on April 2  
* Videos prove Ukraine has launched False Flags against Russia  
* Video of Ukrainian troops torturing and killing Russian paratroopers in Kiev (Warning: Graphic) 
* NATO officers from France, Germany, Britain and “neutral” Sweden got stuck at Azovstal in Mariupol 
* Alleged Russian army massacre in Bucha a fake news story  

The AZOV neo-Nazis are killing the Ukrainian civilians. They are mostly made up of the Ukrainian militia, miscellaneous thugs who were let out of jail and given tanks and guns to fight the Russians but in reality are shooting anyone they desire. There are neighborhoods that support the idea of Russia taking over their country because of Salinsky past retribution for supporting or not supporting the 2014 over throw of the duly elected government that was supported by Obama and Biden. The Azovs are blowing those neighborhoods up.

Please make sure you know your history before you shout to let our politicians drag us into a 3rd world war that can only be won by being totally blown off the face of the map. Please go to the web site that starts with “before” and read the article from an independent reporter by the name of Patrick Lancaster, a crowd funded reporter. He seems to speak enough of the language to interview the people on the street.

Find out for yourself and stop believing the MSN. The fake news media have not been giving us the correct news on this situation and you must come to realize that the Deep State is at the end of their rope and will do anything to get us into a war so they can stay in power.

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The Indian Gunslinger


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UK blocks meeting. Germany being blamed for everything. Degas painting has a new name.

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