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Azov Nazis executed dozens of Mariupol police for ‘false flag’ videos to blame Russia

April 2, 2022

* US Vet who volunteered to fight in Ukraine details Kiev’s war crimes, presence of ISIS/al Qaeda militants  

“Any picture was needed –
everything should be attributed to Russia”

Here’s one from NATO to start with … call it “proof:”

TsargradTV: Maxim Pavlenko said that the nationalists from Azov * shot down entire district police departments for the sake of staged videos.

Militants from the nationalist regiment “Azov” *, banned in Russia, staged mass executions of Ukrainian policemen in Mariupol, a resident of the city Maxim Pavlenko, who escaped from the massacre, told about this.

According to him, the militants shot the security forces for staged videos, so that later they could pass everything off as “atrocities of the Russian aggressor.” As a result of the executions, there were no representatives of the law left in Mariupol who could help civilians, including during evacuation.

Any picture was needed – to attribute everything to Russia: “Here they come, they kill policemen, they kill district departments.” They did it all for the picture.

– RIA Novosti quoted Pavlenko as saying.

These days, militants from Azov continue to hide at the Azovstal plant. The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, gave them an ultimatum the day before, giving them a day to surrender, otherwise, on April 2, all nationalists would be destroyed.

This morning, Ukrainian Air Force helicopters carried out a missile attack on an oil refinery near Belgorod. Video of the attack has gone viral.

* – banned in Russia.


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