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Ukraine provoked Putin’s invasion

March 31, 2022

* Chronology of events that PROVOKED Russia to finally launch a military operation against Ukraine  

Pro-Western protesters were killed by CIA-trained snipers in order to provoke 2014 Maidan color revolution, which deposed the pro-Russian President Yanukovych.

This war is really about Russia’s refusal to be destroyed from within by the Atlanticist agents of the satanist central banking cartel. And from without by Ukraine at its borders. Putin does not want to see Russia destroyed and its bones picked, as is happening to the US.

John Hamilton provides the war background the Fake News Media doesn’t want us to know.

Follow the trail back to the source of the Ukraine conflict and you arrive at the 2014 Obama-Biden CIA.

The CIA created the Nov. 2013 to Feb. 2014 demonstrations now the Maidan. Protesters there objected to Ukraine’s sudden decision to reject the European Union-Ukraine Association Agreement, instead choosing closer ties to Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union.

The CIA wasn’t having any of this. Not their first rodeo, by any means, the agency has a long history of over-turning governments by marshalling and transforming public protest (e.g. Iran, Guatemala, Congo, Dominican Republic, Vietnam, Brazil, Chile, and now, in 2014, Ukraine’s time had come.)

Maidan protests were funded by globalist George Soros, which he acknowledged to CNN. As the coup de grâce, the CIA used a false flag operation to topple the government their trained snipers were positioned atop city center buildings to appear to be government forces shooting down on the protesters, (it was ultra-nationalists or “neo-Nazis).

Purpose: create chaos and build empathy for their “freedom and democracy” movement. Killing your own to further bigger goals makes no sense to the rational mind, but geopolitics and subterfuge that leads to war is not “rational.”

In the Kiev Maidan protests, from Nov 21, 2013 to Feb 23, 2014, a total of 110-123 protesters and 18 police officers were killed. As a result, the democratically-elected, but Moscow-leaning Ukraine leader Victor Yanukovych was ousted (2014). These followed: Turchynov (briefly, 2014), Poroshenko (2014-2019, and now, Zelenskyy (2019-).

Poroshenko prosecuted a contained war in the Donbass region vs. pro-Russian forces and civilians. It would take years for Russia to respond, but the situation eventually escalated to today’s country-wide hot war.

The Donbass was an insult, but NATO encroachment a death threat. NATO’s consumption of former Soviet satellites since the 1999 fall of communism has been prodigious and relentless: Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary (1999); Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania (2004); Albania and Croatia (2009); Montenegro (2017); and North Macedonia (2020). NATO planned to add Ukraine, Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia.

For Putin, it was all too much.

Before he invaded, however, he sought peace, asking security guarantees, in writing, that would:
* prevent NATO from further eastward expansion, especially including Ukraine,
* withdraw NATO forces in Eastern Europe back to their 1997 positions,
* forego deployment of offensive weapons near Russia’s borders,
* remove military bases in post-Soviet bloc countries.
* recognize Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk independence  ban ultra-national parties in Ukraine, including those waging war in the Donbass

Putin was ignored.

The Biden family knows Ukraine well: Hunter sat on the board of Burisma for $50k per month; father, as VP, threatened to withhold U.S. aid if his son’s prosecutor wasn’t fired. Hunter’s famous laptop may implicate Biden père as being on the take, Meanwhile, Hunter is under grand jury investigation for tax fraud.

Ukrainian Jewish oligarch Igor Kolomoisky funds both the Azov and Zelensky. The CIA trained the Azov in Ukraine and in the U.S. They are an American outreach, a proxy, to tangle with Russia but one step removed.

Igor Kolomoisky on the right


After the “success” of the Maidan riots, emboldened Ukrainian neo-Nazis attacked a national unity march in Odessa (May 2, 2014) in the Odessa city center. Pro-Russians took shelter in the Trade Unions House; pro-Ukrainian militants set fire to it. Some 46 pro-Russian and two pro-West activists were killed in the chaos. More than 200 were injured. Who did it?

The Azov’s are now widely considered responsible for the Odessa massacre. Now an official battalion in the Ukraine national guard, the Azovs are based in Mariupol, which Putin has just levelled, and this explains a lot, as in “payback’s a bitch.”

In 2016, an Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe report [OSCE] concluded that the Azov Battalion was responsible for crimes including mass killing of prisoners, the concealment of corpses in mass graves and the systematic use of physical and psychological torture techniques.

In Oct 2019, 40 US Congress members called for the US State Department to designate Azov as a “foreign terrorist organization” (FTO). One pundit put it well when he headlined a recent report: Today’s Ukrainian War Heroes were Yesterday’s White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis Fighting Russia.

The Sep 5, 2014 Minsk agreement between Russia, Ukraine, and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe report [OSCE] called for the removal of all belligerent military groups in Ukraine. Ukraine never honored it and upped the ante by promoting them to official status.

Another stiff: Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk voted to rejoin Russia in 2014. Ukraine refused to recognize them. Instead, Poroshenko’s Ukraine declared war on Donetsk and Lugansk. It started with discrimination on jobs, pensions, and education. Then came the random and indiscriminate bombings, for eight years. These claimed countless victims and forced citizens underground.

The media doesn’t report Ukraine’s bombings. It is not “the narrative,” i.e., the anti-Russia, pro-war narrative. Instead, only Russia’s 2022 invasion evoked Western moral outrage, (not so U.S. and/or NATO invasions of Yugoslavia (1991), Kosovo (1999), Afghanistan (2001), Iraq (2003), and in Libya and Syria (2011)).


Globalism at work here Nationalism is at play here, but mixed with globalism. Globalist Zelenskyy is a graduate of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum Young Leaders program, the Harvard of globalism (along with Macron, Ardern, Trudeau, Buttigieg, Ivanka Trump, uber-censor Zuckerberg and countless others).

Globalist-led, Ukrainian parliamentarian Kira Rudik told Fox News, while holding a Kalashnikov: “We know that we are not only fighting for Ukraine, but also for the New World Order.”

The New World Order is the dream of an elite-ruled, totalitarian world government which will enslave humanity. It will ration energy and food, restrict travel, and install digital currency, digital IDs, and a Chinese-style social credit system. (This system is described in the Book of Revelation, and further explicated by leading prophecy podcasters Farag, Grider, Holthaus, Markell, Tsarfati among many others.)

Russia has far surpassed the U.S. in nuclear capability, both offensive and defensive. The Russian Satan II nuke is 35x more powerful than the U.S. Minuteman III. Just one can destroy Texas or France.

Russia has hypersonic missiles, for which there is no defense. Shockingly, the U.S. has none. They are “in development.”


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