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“The Plan”

March 23, 2022

“A girl came into my shop yesterday and said something that shook me to my core.”

(Read this post for what it is worth. But bear this in mind: Had what were revealed got anything to do with this blog’s pinned post above? You Americans ponder over it and figure it out.)

i run a boutique custom auto body and repair shop, 20 miles north of NYC. we get clients with typically older classic cars. most of these guys are wealthy, stock broker, manager types, some in government.

i mention this because it sets the stage for what happened.

girl came in, draped in gucci and designer trappings, frazzled, upset, frantic even.

strong accent, couldn’t place it at first, eastern european.

maybe early 20s.

i stopped and watched my front desk attendant trying to calm her, and wondering what the fuss was i stepped out of my office and asked if everything is ok.

now i hadn’t a clue what to expect. why would this beautiful girl be in my auto shop, frantic? i really doubted it could be over a car.

turned out she was the girlfriend of a lawyer i know, who had dropped off his 1956 Mercedes 300 S for repairs a week earlier.

i wouldn’t call him a friend, but we are familiar with each other for many years.

she said he had sent her up to us to retrieve some documents he had left in the car. i looked outside, i saw a new Lincoln suv, with a driver.

now i was curious, why so frantic? why so upset? over some documents?

everything she was saying seemed to revolve around how quickly she needed them, but also there was something else she wasn’t saying. she’s distressed, clearly upset, but there seemed to be no reason why.

this is when i decided i wanted to address it directly.

i took her aside into my office, offered her coffee, had her sit down, and looked her in the eye and said something to the effect, “i can see you’re not doing well, you’re very upset. don’t worry, we will get the documents. i know it’s not my business, but can you tell me specifically why you are upset? i don’t understand, something is really bothering you.”

she took a moment, glanced about, looked down, fidgeted a bit, then asked for the coffee (she had said no at first). i turned around, prepared it in my keurig, and turned back to look at her.

the first words out of her mouth were this:

if he needs those papers, it means everything is going to change.

hmm. ok.

something to do with a divorce? a money problem? this was my thought. the girl is worried about her future with him, or his financial security, or maybe he’s in legal trouble.

i didn’t push much further. i nodded, i said “oh ok, of course, i understand, this must be hard.”

then what she said next, it stopped me a bit in my tracks.

she said, “this is the end of our country.

such an unexpected statement. my thoughts raced.

i immediately sensed this was much bigger than some personal matter, of course.

i chose my words carefully. i said, “can you explain what you mean by that?” as i handed her her coffee.

she took a sip, looked down for a moment, and said she couldn’t say more. then said “it’s classified.”

i felt she was closing off, maybe she had said too much. i needed to say something. i said, “i’ve known Richard (not his real name) for a long time, consider him a friend, is this something he would want me to know? something i need to know?”

she said “oh, i think he wishes everyone could know.”

sensing this seemed to pertain and portend to something of a large scale, life-altering in nature, i said, “do i need to protect my family from something?”

she said, “well … me and him, we are going to new zealand first thing in the morning. because it will be safe there.”

i said “oh … ok.”

she said, “you need to leave, and go far away to be safe, very far. there is not much time.”

i asked how much time, she said “days, weeks, it’s very soon.”

i said “what is?”

she began to cry. genuinely cry. genuine tears of fear and sadness.

then she whispered, “the plan.”

i said, “the plan? what plan? what do you mean?”

she said “if he finds out i said anything i will be in trouble. i’m sworn to say nothing. i’ve said too much.”

she composed herself, got up, said she needed the documents, needed them now. i said “yes of course” and escorted her out to the car in the back of the garage, and we began to look.

she went right for what seemed to be, in fact was, a secret compartment, well hidden, which she knew of right away, and she opened it and took out a white tube, not very wide but enough to hold rolled up papers which i assumed was what were in it. she took it, thanked me, nodded at me, gave me a knowing look, and walked out quickly.

that was it.

then i called richard.

i wasn’t going to rat on her. just to give him an update, “oh yes we helped your girlfriend” sort of thing.

i didn’t get through to him right away, took a few hours, and he called me back. he thanked me. he was appreciative. nothing much was said, then i broached it myself, “your girlfriend seemed so upset, is all ok?” he said “she’s ok, it’s all ok. be safe. tell your family you love them.

then he hung up.

i haven’t much else to add. except to say, it all left me feeling very uneasy. and wishing i knew more. wishing he, or his gf, would tell me more.

now i’m left thinking i want to call him again and be more bold and direct as to what the hell is actually going on.


Here’s an interesting reply in the thread from a fellow in New Zealand …

The New Zealand elite bunker thing is real, and weird shit has been going on in New Zealand for a while now.

Ignore my flag, I am from NZ and have been here for many years.

You didn’t have to be jabbed but of course you could lose your job if you didn’t. I don’t wear a face mask and I’m not jabbed.

I believe the papers hidden in the car were special papers to allow him to get into New Zealand. You can’t get in without them. Maybe he kept them in the car in case they had to dash to the airport?

Shit is weird in NZ. I just bought 10 acres in the South Island and it was near on impossible to do, the completion was intense and prices have just skyrocketed. I had to be quite underhanded to get my property. Not proud of it, but I feel better now I’m in the countryside.

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