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Chronology of events that PROVOKED Russia to launch military operation against Ukraine

March 21, 2022

“America lies. NATO lies.”

* Ukrainian frontline medic claims he’s ordered castration of all Russian POWs  
* Russia’s MOD outlines efforts to free Mariupol hostages from Nazi fanatics  

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia

  1. Russia under Gorbachev (USSR, 1988-1991) agreed to the demolition of the Berlin Wall in Nov 1989 in order for West & East Germany to re-unify, based on one of the conditions that NATO would not do anything to threaten the security of Russia. > When the Wall fell, America was under Ronald Reagan (1981-1989) while NATO was under Manfred Wörner (1988-1994). <
    NATO assured Russia that the Alliance would not so much as to even move East “one inch closer” to Russia’s border.

  2. After 1991, NATO brought in a total of 14 new nations (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Albania, Croatia, Montenegro & North Macedonia) into its Alliance, continuously renegading blatantly on its promise that NATO wound not inch closer to Russia’s border.
  3. In 2014, America under Obama (2009-2017) carried out a regime-change in Ukraine by coup d’état (known as the Maidan coup) and replaced its democratically-elected government headed by Yanukovych (2010-2014) with Poroshenko (2014-2019).
  4. After the coup, for 8 years, Ukraine’s Nazified military stepped up its campaign in genociding its citizens mainly of Russian descent in the Donbass region (14,000 killed todate), violating the Minsk & Minsk II agreements which were signed in Sep 2014 and Feb 2015, respectively.
  5. Russia under Putin (May 2012- ) reached out to Ukraine under Poroshenko to uphold the Minsk agreements, but to no avail.
  6. Russia under Putin continued to reach out to Ukraine under Zelensky (May 2019- ) to uphold the Minsk agreements, but also to no avail.
  7. Zelensky further aggravated Russia by pursuing his bid for Ukraine to become a member of NATO.
  8. Russia under Putin continued to reach out to America (Joe Biden) & NATO (Jens Stoltenberg) by diplomacy to try resolve Russia’s long on-going security issues and concerns, but also to no avail.
  9. On Feb 24, 2022, Russia under Putin launched its military operation against Ukraine to de-militarize & to de-Nazify it ultimately; and to protect Russia’s own security which had been chipped away by America & NATO’s continuous hypocrisy, deception and lies.

Putin’s speech before launch of military operation

– A sense of crisis about NATO’s “eastern expansion” –

Dear Russians, dear friends.

Today, I think we need to revisit the tragic events in Donbass and Lugansk in eastern Ukraine, as well as Russia’s important security issues.

I would like to start with what I said in my speech on February 21st.

It is what evokes our special concerns and anxieties, the underlying threat that irresponsible politicians of the Western nations are steadily creating against us, blatantly and unreservedly every year.

In other words, NATO’s eastern expansion and its armament approaching the Russian border.

It is widely known that over the last three decades we have been very patient and have attempted to reach consensus with major NATO countries on equal and inseparable security principles in Europe.

What we have always faced in response to our suggestions has been cynical deception and lies, or attempts at pressure and extortion.

Meanwhile, NATO is constantly expanding, despite all our protests and concerns.

The military organization is moving.

Again, it is close to the Russian border.

– The “order” that Western nations have tried to establish has caused confusion –

Why is this happening?

Where does that brazen attitude of being superior, absolutely correct, and able to do whatever you want come from?

Where does the careless and derogatory attitude towards our national interests and the most unacceptable demands come from?

The answer is clear.

Everything is simple and clear.

In the late 1980s, the Soviet Union weakened and then completely collapsed.

The sequence of things that happened at that time is still a good lesson for us.

It clearly showed that the paralysis of power and will was the first step towards complete decadence and oblivion.

At that time, we lost confidence for a while, and the world’s power balance was quickly lost.

This has made traditional treaties and agreements virtually ineffective.

Persuading and begging can’t help.

It is said that hegemony and those in power do not like it because it is old-fashioned, outdated, and unnecessary.

On the contrary, everything they find useful is lifted up as if to be the truth of the Last Judgment, and at any cost, it is roughly pushed with every hand.

Those who disagree will have their knees broken.

I’m not just talking about Russia, and we’re not the only ones who are concerned.

It involves the entire system of international affairs, and sometimes even American allies.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the de facto subdivision of the world began, and the most important and basic norms of international law cultivated so far were adopted as a result of World War II, and as a result. But it has become a hindrance to those who have declared themselves to be the winners of the Cold War.

Of course, in practice, in international affairs, and in the rules that govern it, changes in world affairs and the power balance itself had to be considered.

But it should have been done professionally, without stagnation, patiently, and with consideration and respect for the national interests of all nations, and with an understanding of their responsibilities.

But that didn’t happen.

There was euphoria and a state of arrogance that came from absolute superiority and modern tyranny, and the pride of those who had prepared, adopted, and imposed solutions that were of a low level of general education were beneficial only to them. I was in the background.

Things have begun to unfold in a different direction.

You don’t have to go back far to give an example.

First, without the approval of the UN Security Council, they conducted a bloody military operation against Belgrade, using fighters and missiles in the center of Europe.

Over the course of several weeks, they constantly bombed private cities and living infrastructure.

We must remember this fact.

For there are those in the West who are reluctant to remember that event.

When we mention this, they want to point out that it was a situation that seemed to have such a need, rather than pointing out the norms of international law.

After that, it was Iraq, Libya and Syria’s turn.

The illegal use of military force against Libya and the distorting of all UN Security Council decisions on the Libyan issue resulted in the complete collapse of the nation, the creation of a huge hotbed of international terrorism, and the humanitarian catastrophe. They were addicted to the long-standing swamp of civil war that never stopped.

The tragedy of hundreds of thousands and millions of people, not just in Libya, has caused a massive outflow of refugees from North Africa and the Middle East to Europe.

Syria also had a similar fate.

Without the consent of the Syrian government and the approval of the UN Security Council, the military activities carried out by the Western Union in this country are nothing but aggression and intervention.

But of course, the special one is, of course, the invasion of Iraq, which also took place without any legal basis.

The excuse was that the United States had reliable information about the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

To prove it publicly, the U.S. Secretary of State shakes a test tube containing white powder in front of the world and asserts that this is a chemical weapon being developed in Iraq.

Later it turned out to be all hoaxes and bluffs.

There were no chemical weapons in Iraq.

Believe it or not, the facts are true.

At the height of the assembly of nations, he lied from the stage of the United Nations.

As a result, great sacrifice and destruction were brought about, and terrorism spread all at once.

In many parts of the world, almost everywhere the West has come to establish its own order, the result has been that bloody, unhealing wounds and hotbeds of international terrorism and extremism are left behind.

Everything I’ve talked about is some of the worst examples, and this is not the only example that disregards international law.

– America is a “lie empire” –

The same is true of NATO’s promise to Japan that it will not expand to the east by an inch.

Again, I was fooled.

It means “abandoned” as it is commonly called.

Indeed, it is often said that politics is unclean.

That may be true, but not so this far.

It’s not so dirty.

This kind of cheating is not only against the principles of international affairs, but first and foremost, against the generally accepted norms of morality and ethics.

Where is justice and truth?

There are only lies and hypocrisy.

By the way, American politicians, political scientists, and journalists themselves say that in the last few years, a true “lie empire” has been created in the United States.

I can’t help but agree with this.

That’s right.

But you don’t have to be humble.

America is still a great country and a great power to create systems.

All the satellite states listen to what they say, quietly and obediently, and do not just tune in to anything. On the contrary, they imitate America’s actions and enthusiastically accept the rules presented.

So there is good reason to be confident that the entire so-called Western camp, which the United States formed according to its own image, is truly a “lie empire.”

As for our country, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the new Russia has opened its mind unprecedentedly and has shown that it is ready to face the United States and other Western nations in good faith, but it is virtually unilaterally disarmament. Under the condition of advancing, they squeezed us to the last drop, stabbed us in the back, and tried to completely destroy us.

That was exactly the case in the 90s and early 2000s, when the so-called collective Western nations were most actively supporting separatists and mercenary groups in southern Russia.

At that time, how much did we sacrifice and how much loss did we suffer before finally cutting off international terrorism in the Caucasus?

How many trials did we have to overcome?

We remember it and we will never forget it.

In fact, until very recently, attempts to use us for our own benefit, attempts to destroy our traditional values, lies that would undermine us Russians from the inside out. There were ongoing attempts to impose on us their values ​​and the intentions they had already planted roughly in their own countries.

It goes directly to decadence and degeneration because it goes against the very nature of human beings.

This is not possible, and no one who has tried it has done well so far.

And even now, it won’t succeed.

In December 2021, we tried again to reach an agreement with the United States and its allies on European security principles and NATO non-expansion.

Everything was in vain.

The position of the United States does not change.

They do not believe it is necessary to agree with us on this issue, which is crucial to Russia.

They are pursuing their own goals and ignoring our national interests.

And, of course, under these circumstances, we are going to question.

“What should we do in the future? What will happen?”

We are historically well aware that between 1940 and early 1941, the Soviet Union managed to stop the war, or at least delayed the start of the war.

To that end, they tried not to provoke potential invaders to the very limit, and did not postpone or put off the most essential and obvious actions needed to prepare for the repulsion of inevitable attacks.

The steps taken at the last minute were already catastrophically timed.

As a result, they were not fully prepared to respond to the invasion by Nazi Germany, which attacked Japan on June 22, 1941 without a declaration of war.

We were able to stop the enemy and then crush them, but the price was tremendous.

Attempting to take on the invaders before the Great Patriotic War was a mistake that cost the people a lot.

In the first few months of combat, we lost a vast territory and millions of people of strategic importance.

We do not make the same mistake twice, nor do we have the right to do so.

Those seeking world hegemony want to emphasize this openly here, but for no reason, they call Russia an enemy.

Indeed, they now have great power in finance, science and technology, and the military.

We know that and objectively assess the threats that are always facing us in the economic arena.

And also about the power of our country to counter such brazen and permanent blackmail.

Again, we see that in a very realistic way, without illusions.

In the military arena, modern-day Russia is still one of the largest nuclear powers in the world after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the loss of most of its power.

Furthermore, we have a certain advantage in the latest weapons.

In this regard, there is no doubt that a direct attack on our country will have devastating and disastrous consequences for any potential invader.

Also, technologies such as defense technology are changing rapidly.

The leadership in this area will and will continue to change at a dizzying pace.

But if we allow military development in areas adjacent to our borders, which could last decades, maybe forever and continue to grow, for Russia this is absolutely unacceptable. It will be a threat.

– NATO’s military development in Ukraine is unacceptable –

Already, as NATO expands to the east, the situation is getting worse and more dangerous for Japan year by year.

Moreover, in recent days, NATO leadership has stated that it is necessary to accelerate and promote the approach of its armaments to the Russian border.

In other words, they are hardened.

We can no longer just keep on the sidelines of what is happening.

From our point of view, it’s a completely irresponsible act.

It is unacceptable to us that NATO will further expand its armaments and begin to develop Ukrainian territory militarily.

Of course, the problem is not with NATO’s organization itself.

It’s just a tool for American foreign policy.

The problem is, let me say, on the land adjacent to us which is our historic territory a hostile “anti-Russia” entity is about to be created. It is completely under external control, strengthened by the forces of NATO countries, and supplied with the latest weapons one after another.

For the United States and its allies, this is the so-called Russian containment policy, an obvious geopolitical dividend.

On the other hand, for our country, it is after all a matter of life and death, and a matter of the historical future our people and as a nation.

It’s not an exaggeration, it’s a fact.

This is a real threat not only to our national interest, but to our nation’s existence and sovereignty itself.

That is the red line that I have said many times. They went beyond that.

Meanwhile, there is a situation in Donbus.

We have seen that the forces that caused the coup in Ukraine in 2014 took over power, maintained it through decorative election procedures, and completely refused to settle the conflict peacefully.

For eight years, a long and endless eight years, we have done everything in our power to resolve the situation by peaceful and political means.

Everything was in vain.

As I’ve said in my previous speech, I can’t see what’s happening there without being concerned and sympathetic.

Now that’s impossible.

Genocide of the millions of inhabitants who could only rely on Russia for this nightmare and could only entrust us with hope, we need to stop it immediately.

Indeed, those desires, feelings and pains of the people were the main motivations for the decision to approve the People’s Republic of Donbus.

There is something to be emphasized further.

Major NATO countries are supporting Ukraine’s far-right nationalists and neo-Nazis in all respects to achieve their goals.

They will never allow the inhabitants of Crimea and Sevastopol to choose to reunite with Russia as a free choice.

Naturally, they will sneak into Crimea.

That’s just like Donbus. To wage war and kill.

Just as the Ukrainian nationalist slaughterers, who carried Hitler’s side during the Great Patriotic War, they will kill unprotected people.

They openly say they are also targeting a number of other territories in Russia.

The overall flow of the situation and the results of analysis of the incoming information show that a clash between Russia and these forces is inevitable.

It’s only a matter of time.

They are ready and waiting for the timing.

Now even more, they are looking for possession of nuclear weapons.

I will never forgive such a thing.

As mentioned earlier, Russia has embraced a new geopolitical reality after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

We respect and will continue to do so with all the new nations born in the former Soviet space.

We respect and will continue to respect their sovereignty.

One example is the support we have provided to Kazakhstan in the face of tragic events and the challenge on national unity.

But Russia cannot feel safe, develop or exist in the face of constant threats from Ukraine today.

Recall that from 2000 to 2005 we counter-attacked terrorists in the Caucasus, defended our country’s unity, and defended Russia.

In 2014, we assisted the residents of Crimean and Sevastopol.

In 2015, the military was used to ensure that terrorists did not enter Russia from Syria.

Other than that, we had no way to protect ourselves.

– Request for support from pro-Russian militants in eastern Ukraine –

The same thing is happening now.

Today, we have no other way to protect Russia, and the people of Russia, other than the ones we have to use.

Under this circumstance, decisive and quick action is required.

The People’s Republic of Donbus has sought help from Russia.

In response to this, on the friendship and cooperation between the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Lugansk People’s Republic, based on the approval of Chapter 7 51 of the United Nations Charter and the approval of the Security Council of Russia, and ratified by the Federal Assembly on February 22, this year. A decision was made to carry out a special military operation to implement the treaty.

Its purpose is to protect those who have been oppressed by the Ukrainian government for eight years and exposed to genocide.

And to that end, we aim to de-Nazify and de-Nazify Ukraine.

We will also bring those who have committed numerous bloody crimes to civilians, including Russians.

However, our plan does not include the occupation of Ukrainian territory.

We are not going to hold down anyone by force.

At the same time, a document signed by the Soviet totalitarian government, which specifies the consequences of World War II, has recently been heard from Western nations that it should no longer be fulfilled.

Well, how should we answer that?

The consequences of World War II are as sacred as the sacrifices our people have made to the altar of victory over Nazism.

But it does not contradict the noble values ​​of human rights and freedom, which are based on the reality of decades after the war.

Nor does it revoke the right to self-determination specified in Article 1 of the Charter of the United Nations.

Recall that when the Soviet Union was born and after World War II, no one asked the people who lived in the territory of Ukraine today what kind of life they would like to live. I want to ask you this too.

Underlying our politics is freedom, the freedom of choice that anyone can decide for themselves and the future of their children.

And we believe it is important to enable all those who live in the territory of Ukraine today, and all who desire, to exercise this right, the right to choice.

I would also like to say this to the Ukrainian people.

In 2014, Russia had to protect the inhabitants of Crimea and Sevastopol from what you call the “Nazis.”

Residents of Crimea and Sevastopol chose to be with their historic homeland, Russia.

And we supported it.

Again, there was no other way.

– The purpose is not to “occupy” Ukraine, but to protect Russia –

Power is always needed.

At any time.

However, there are various properties of force.

At the root of the politics of the “lie empire” mentioned at the beginning is, first and foremost, a forcible and direct force.

At that time, Russia says:

“If you have power, you don’t need intelligence.”

We all know that true power lies in justice and truth on our part.

If so, power and willingness to fight are the foundations of independence and sovereignty, on which can we firmly build our future, our homes, our families and our homeland.

I can’t help but agree with this.

Dear brothers.

Russian soldiers and officers devoted to their country are confident that they will bravely fulfill their obligations professionally.

There is no doubt that governments at all levels, experts in stability in the economic and financial systems and social sectors, top executives and the entire Russian business community will work in tandem and effectively.

I hope that all parliamentary parties and social forces will unite and take a patriotic position.

After all, as has always been the case in history, Russia’s fate is in the credible hands of our multi-ethnic people.

That means that the decisions made will be carried out, the goals set will be achieved, and the security of our country will be firmly guaranteed.

I believe in your support and the invincible power of your love for your homeland.


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