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Mind-Blowing Fake News!

March 15, 2022

What nobody told you about Ukraine

* Here are all the latest news & developments from the Ukraine Conflict: March 14  
* Faking death in Ukraine – The fake news media, all the way back since Sept 11, 2001, were MAKING MOVIES like this! 

Something incredible was revealed by a brave hero of humanity. Udo Ulfkotte was the editor of one of Europe’s largest newspapers, the Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung. A few years ago he confessed to the world that journalists worldwide are paid by the CIA, secret societies, governments, billionaires etc. to… always lie, and never tell the truth to the public.

This newspaper editor confessed that journalists are paid to … push for war with Russia!

That’s where Ulfkotte drew the line. After lying to the public for over 25 years, he could no longer live with his conscience. He publicly confessed his guilt, and exposed the worldwide criminal media cartel, that steers humanity to its doom. Shortly after his confession, Ulfkotte was found dead. Listen to his confession in this video:

Unbelievable Deception

What Ulfkotte confessed, can easily be observed when we look at how media around the world are lying about Ukraine. Look at the following examples… 

A picture of an explosion in Gaza years ago, is published as if it just happend in Ukraine …

An explosion in China from 2015 is published as if it happened in Ukraine, just now …

An image from a 2010 movie is published as if it was taken in Ukraine …

Another scene from a movie, is used to ‘report’ on what is happening in Ukraine …

A picture from a gas explosion in 2018 is used to show the ‘destruction caused in Ukraine by Russia.’ The lady shown with a blood covered face, is a famous crisis actor, who appears in dozens of images of ‘disasters.’ Pure theatre …

In this short video you can see how this crisis actor is often used to deceive the public. 

A 2016 photo is used to stir up emotions, while it has nothing to do with the situation in Ukraine …

A 2017 video of an explosion is published as if it happened just now in Ukraine …

Another explosion from 2015 is used by CNN  to create the illusion of a current explosion in Ukraine …

An Israeli news agency broadcasts supposed footage from the Ukraine war zone. Turns out they used a scene from a Star Wars movie …

A girl suffering from a bombing in Syria in 2018, is shown today as if she was hurt during bombings in Ukraine. 

These examples show how indeed the world is being deceived on a massive scale. Images from movies, past disasters, crisis actors … all means are justified to lie to the public.

The Truth Is Hidden

On the other hand the news media are hiding critical information, that sheds a completely different light on this whole situation. Here are a few examples…


The Russian military are delivering hundreds of thousands of pounds of food to the Ukrainian people. This was reported by the Russian news agency RT, which by the way has been one of the very few news agencies in the world, who reported truthfully about the plandemic.


Interestingly RT has now been banned all across the world. Clearly their reporting may not be heard by humanity!


What Big Media is also hiding from the world, is how children are being trained in Ukraine to become terrorists, on the model of ISIS! The famous “AZOV Battalion”, a group of Nazis operating in Ukraine for many years, was funded by the last governments in Kyiv.


The dangerous rise of nazism and fascism in Ukraine is illustrated in this video, where a large group of teenagers is chanting the following lines:

‘Heil Ukraine, Death to the enemies, Heil Ukraine, Hang the Russians, Ukraine above all!, Ukraine above all else!’


This full lenght documentary reveals the dangerously growing movement of neo-nazism in Ukraine.


Another shocking reality you won’t hear a word about on Big Media, is how the Ukrainian military have been bombing their own people, after which they blame Russia. This video shows a young family explaining this horror. While Russia is bringing tons of food to the Ukrainian people, their own military is killing them through mass bombing.

Their story is confirmed by a French war reporter in Donbass. She confirms that the Ukrainian army is bombing their own people… 


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