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Something is very wrong about what we are being told about Ukraine …

March 9, 2022

* A surprising explanation of Russia’s ‘invasion’ from a former top-level CIA official  

By Alan Barton, All News Pipeline, March 4, 2022

Too many things that are being said about the Russian invasion of Ukraine just do not make any sense to me.  Yes, I am fully aware of the ages old adage that the fog of war is because the first victim of war is the truth, and the propaganda from all sides is immeasurably immense.  But with some careful considerations and shuffling stories around, there may be some tidbits of truth leak out that we can bite into. The first rule of figuring out what is really going on in any kind of disruption, scandal, big news story, intriguing whispers and breaking disconnects compared to what is expected is to first follow the money. 

That option seems to eventually find the truth in all the mountains of propaganda excrement.  It takes a whole hell of a lot of free cash to prosecute any war, especially one on as large of a scale as the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  In 2020 dollars, Russia had a nominal GDP of $1.28 trillion compared to the US number of $20.89 trillion.  Germany is at $3.85 trillion, with UK, France and Italy also much larger than Russia’s.  In Europe, Italy has the closest GDP to Russia at $1.89 trillion (compared to Russia’s $1.28 trillion) and Ukraine is not even in the top 25 nations. As a side note, China’s is number two in the world at $14.72 trillion.  Compared to what I would think most people’s ideas of Russia’s economy are, it is surprisingly tiny.  So what is Russia’s economy like?

According to Wikipedia, “The economy of Russia is a mixed economy, with enormous natural resources, particularly oil and natural gas. It is the fifth-largest economy in Europe, the world’s eleventh-largest economy by nominal GDP…. Russia‘s vast geography is an important determinant of its economic activity, with some sources estimating that the nation contains over 30% of the world’s natural resources.”.  You can bet that their neighbor China looks longingly at that number.  And as an Oligarchy, it is no surprise that “Russia also has the world’s fifth-largest number of billionaires”.   The last few years sanctions by the free world’s nations since the annexation of Crimea has had a negative effect, and many of the world’s seekers of wealth (read as criminal Mafia style organizations and people) have had their hands in on obtaining what they consider their piece of the action.  The primary sectors other than the sale of defense industry contracts around the world are energy, mining and agriculture.  While talking about Ukraine being a major world source of grains with 70% of the nation under cultivation in our story on the coming mass starvations, and the huge resources of energy in the form of petroleum and natural gas productions and stores, we have somewhere to now look at to see whose hands are in the pie that should not be.  The most obvious names of recent note would be Biden, both the “big guy” and the crack-head Hunter, and the Kerry’s, Pelosi’s, their foundations and other friends and “business” associates.  Again, follow the money.

Biden’s handlers in the Elitists mafia had the American petroleum and natural gas systems decimated with shutdowns of wells, exploration, pipelines and at the same time increased Russia’s by approving it’s pipelines to feed energy into Europe from both the mid-East (via Syria/Turkey routes) and into Poland and Germany via the Nord Stream 2 project.  The southern pipeline feed is reason why we were fighting Russia in Syria while the Nord, or Northern feed is the one directly into Europe via Germany.  The opportunities for graft of all kinds is wide open to feed upon that ripe tomato. 

The Biden crime family that shut down so much of our own petroleum production and our neighbor Canada’s plentiful petroleum and natural gas imports around $70 million dollars of Russian oil PER DAY.  That is billions of dollars worth of oil per year sent to what they are claiming is our mortal enemy.  The embargos on so many Russian imports has not affected their oil imports, and that leads me and so many others to wonder just what is really going on.  So in the past seven days of this war, we have paid the Russian war machine half a billion dollars in aid to their military goals.  Many of the oligarchs that are subject to the targeted sanctions the Biden regime imposed are involved in the oil industry, but it is difficult to find the pathway of kickbacks and other ‘considerations’ to sustaining the purchasing of Russian oil.  In the last two years our oil imports from Russia have MORE THAN TRIPLED “Under Trump, the United States became a net exporter of energy for the first time in decades. Now under Biden, we’re importing more oil again, and one of the key beneficiaries of our increasing dependence on foreign oil is Russia.”   Much of that is because they killed the XL pipeline and closed drilling and pumping operations here at home.  Do you see any conflicts of interest in all of this?  Four years ago Investors Daily said “the U.S. exported more oil than we imported, for the first time in 70-plus years” and the evil regime infesting Washington DC blew it all away for what, nothing good for us so they must be making some real money off of it all to commit that kind of treason.  At the present time, the amount of oil coming in from Russia is close to what we should be running through the XL pipeline.  His excuse for not stopping this importation of what he, or rather the lefts claim is our mortal enemy Russia?  Because of “Consequences” on world markets as this video of Psaki shows

According to Accuracy In Media, “everyone but Americans is getting rich off of oil production, especially the Russians, who, not coincidentally have used this oil largess– produced in part by Joe Biden’s war on oil– to help finance the invasion of Ukraine”.  Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) said “We’re buying 650,000 barrels a day from Russia. It’s ridiculous. Totally ridiculous,” and that is how Russia is financing the war against Ukraine.  “So when you are filing up at the pump or buying something that’s more expensive because of increased energy costs, don’t blame the Russians, ….Blame … Joe Biden, Russia’s sponsors in the White House, whose generous donation on behalf of America’s working class, made high gas prices — and the war in Ukraine — possible.

And so as the Ukraine war is forcing the American Stock Exchange to plummet along with stocks over most of the world, and sanctions are ramping up against Russia, and global wheat supplies are in jeopardy as we covered in our last column, the global economy is getting close and closer to collapse.  So as the Great Reset is now what “was once considered a conspiracy theory is now crystal clear to everyone. The economic, political, academic and media global elites around the world have taken advantage of the turmoil and restrictions on freedom from the COVID-19 lockdowns and used them to basically change society around the world.”  That quote from NOQReport I believe starts to cover perhaps a small portion of why this war does not seem to be what it is claimed to be, and why there is something terribly wrong with the story of what is going on and even why there is the Ukrainian war.  “The global elites have only just started their campaign to take total control of the world. People must stay strong and be prepared for it.”  Yes, I agree completely with that quote.  So it appears that the globalists need war to instigate and keep the ‘Great Reset’ going along with massive population declines, and both can be assisted by a major war.  Just as Russia is being financed by the Biden regime under orders from the globalists we can see that they are also financing the Ukrainian side at the same time.  Just as the Central Bankers financed all sides of the last two world wars, they will be financing the next one as they are doing with this current war.

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