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US Colonel: “Ukraine is over – 40,000 troops are surrounded”

March 8, 2022

“The Russians will destroy them if they do not surrender”

The American colonel, Douglas McGregor, gives his own opinion on everything that happens in Ukraine, after 11 days of Russian invasion, on an American network.

Speaking to Fox News, Douglas McGregor said that “Vladimir Putin is carrying out something he has been warning us for at least the last 15 years, that he will not tolerate US forces or their missiles on his border.”

“Just like us, we did not tolerate Russian troops and missiles in Cuba. And we ignored him! And he reacted in the end. Under no circumstances would Ukraine be allowed to join NATO. What is happening now is that the battle in Ukraine is almost over.

All the Ukrainian troops over there have been largely surrounded and cut off. “You have a concentration of 30,000-40,000 Ukrainian soldiers in the southeast and if they do not surrender within the next 24 hours, I guess the Russians will eventually destroy them.”

“That’s why Zelensky is meeting with Putin’s representatives. Game is over. And he should negotiate the best deal he can reach and we have told him, the US president has told him, that if he chooses neutrality for Ukraine, we will support him. And I believe that Vladimir Putin will do that for Western Ukraine. This will be Ukraine across the Dnieper River.

But behind him in the East where he is I am not sure what he has planned for there. If he will form another democracy and annex it to Russia because it has historically been Russia. However, the region of Western Ukraine is not. “He knows this and it is fine to live with it as a neutral state,” he explained.

“We are trying to demonize Putin and Russia”

“He is not interested in crossing the Dnieper and heading west to the Polish border. I believe you will also find out from the negotiations that he is willing to conquer this neutral region according to the Austrian or Finnish model. “At the moment, Russia is already leaning on Estonia and part of Latvia, and Belarus is, of course, leaning on Lithuania,” he said.

“He is not interested in going to war with us and has an army that is too small for this purpose. And he knows it. Its economy is smaller than that of South Korea. So, he does not seek such a thing. We blame him for things he does not want to do in our usual attempt to demonize him and his country. “We must remember that Ukraine is the 4th worst country out of 158 countries in the world in terms of corruption,” he added.

“Russia may be 3 or 4 places above them. This (Ukraine) is not liberal democracy, the shining example that everyone gives. It is very far from that.

Mr Zelensky has jailed journalists and his opposition. I do not think we should get involved. The American people believe that we should not get involved. Europeans believe that we should not get involved. “And we must stop sending weapons and encourage the Ukrainians to die in a desperate effort,” he said.

“I see no reason to fight the Russians”

“I do not see any reason why we should fight the Russians for something they have been talking about for years and we just chose to ignore it. And the most important thing is that the population there is identical to theirs (they are Russians). “That’s so annoying.”

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