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“Putin is carrying through what he’s been warning the West for about 15 years”

March 2, 2022

Putin is one man on Earth now fighting the Khazarian mafia NWO globalists and defending wholesome values

Comment by George Eaton:

The vilification of Russia is the greatest show on earth right now. Everything we’re seeing is a manufactured reality meant to excite the senses and be a part of latest “gladiatorial contest”, between the all powerful governments and a designated enemy of mankind. This is an example of [Khazarian mafia NWO] globalists power and the complicit news media. Patriotic Christians will be next.

I knew this was going to happen to Putin years ago. Once I saw him defending families, having children and standing against the gay lifestyles, I knew he was marked for destruction. He watched the encroachment against his nation by NATO and by modern cultures that embraced immorality. When I saw those “good fruits” spoken of in the Bible, that was all I needed to know about Putin and Russia. They were going against the New World Order and were standing against a one world government. That made Putin a target and enemy number one in the world.

Putin knew they were gunning for him one way or the other, whether now or later. Once he went to the defense of the Donbas people they called it an unprovoked invasion. Even though the Ukrainians actually did provoke the Russians for 8 years, as they killed men, women and children on a daily basis. They called this Russian defense of those people a “naked aggression.”

I even heard a Whitehouse spokesman say the action by Russia was “a naked aggression, unprovoked, premeditated invasion and attack on the innocent Ukrainians. Wow, they didn’t miss even one sensational circus word to describe what their enemy ‘did.” When in fact, it was a total lie and something they themselves are guilty of over and over again worldwide. Talk about hypocrisy and double standards, they take the prize.

What we are seeing on TV is pure entertainment to rile up the people and get them focused on a created enemy. This has prompted thousands of people to pour into neighboring countries to join the Ukrainian military to help kill the “bad Russians.”

If they can do this with blatant lies, they will also employ the same techniques to gather the masses to rise up against patriotic Christians, who like Putin – they will be told, deserve to be killed on sight like a rabid animal.

Don’t think for one minute you are safe in your anonymous lifestyle tucked away in the country as you practice wholesome family values. You aren’t safe there now, and won’t be safe in the future. The [Khazarian mafia NWO] globalist communist disease is aggressive, evil and relentless. What they want is everyone’s slave like obedience to make sure they can rule without dissent.

Putin and the Russians dissented, because they recognized totalitarian power when they saw it, so they must pay the price. The outcome of this confrontation remains unknown.

George Eaton

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