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Outcome of ‘war’ between Russia and Ukraine was predictable, so why didn’t they listen?

February 26, 2022

* Russian & Ukrainian soldiers dancing together
West trembles before Russia, as Ukraine leader reveals “everybody is afraid”
* Kiev regime turns on Ukrainian people as False Flag warfare rages forward  
* Buchanan: Did we provoke Putin’s war in Ukraine?  

Get Russian news in English: . ; . (Fake news western media report zero truth)

Bottomline: Russia had enough of Ukraine separatist’s (pro-US Khazarian Deep State & cabal) nonsense and launched Peace Enforcement operations to take out their military facilities and assets

For several decades the Russians pleaded with the EU, the US and Nato to provide them with security assurances to keep the peace. It was not an unreasonable request and it was a simple concept to comprehend. But the west refused to listen to what the Russians were saying.

And it wasn’t just a difference of opinion, it went much deeper than that. There was an active belligerence and obnoxious denial of justice and fair play by the politicians against Russia. The western leaders spoke with one voice and one train of thought as if it was from a central source – and that was to ignore Russia’s reasonable request and pretend that it simply didn’t exist.

But the truth is, this request was born out of the cold war with signed treaties and contracts that guaranteed the peace between the nations and Russia. This was no small thing and required honor and integrity by both sides to make it work.

Russia kept their end of the bargain, but the globalists of the west deliberately broke their promises for their greed for wealth – and then persuaded the rest of the western politicians, and the news media to do the same thing. What the west was feverishly working for was a flagrant violation of Russia’s security needs.

The Russian leaders consistently and patiently pleaded with them to understand their security needs. And they told the diplomats that to continue marching towards their borders with armies and missiles is like putting a knife to their throat.

When it came to the closest countries to Russia, the west tried the same old scheme of “freedom and choice” – to do what a nation wants – to push Nato members ever closer to the Russian border. With the globalists with an ulterior motive it was never about freedom of choice for Ukraine to join Nato, it was about the obvious proximity to Russia’s border that became the primary agenda that needed to be pushed and promoted.

Here again, the Russians pleaded with the illustrious and educated politicians, and laid out their case as a simple security issue – and one that they had valid signed agreements with the US. But their pleas fell on deaf ears. Not only that, but the belligerent politicians acted as if the Russian’s honorable plea was frivolous and nonsensical. It made for a very frustrating situation for the Russians – as if they were talking with aliens from another planet with a major communication problem.

Finally, after they came to the end of diplomacy, Putin had no other choice but to defend his kinsmen and stop the incoming threat to his nation. The amount of patience the Russians exercised was phenomenal – all while an enemy was killing their historical, racial and cultural family on a daily basis. Putin finally said it was a decision that was long overdue.

The enemy was at the gates, they were shooting dangerous artillery shells into defenseless cities. Innocent people were dying on a daily basis.

This attitude by the so-called modern Ukrainians was much more than stubbornness and a manufactured patriotism – it was a strange clinging to a grand deception and the naïve wish for nothing more than a delusion. The good Ukrainians were lied to by the globalists who had an agenda, and they swallowed those lies hook, line and sinker.

In the end, when a people accept a lie and live a deception, they end up paying the price. In effect, their delusion led to their own demise. And, when any person or group destroy innocent lives, they have forfeited their right to exist. It is a natural law that must be respected or a person will face the consequences.

This all means that the Ukrainians were warned, but they wouldn’t listen. The Russians pleaded with them over and over again – but the Ukrainians preferred to believe a lie and cling to the phantom of hope. They were actually clinging to a delusion with a death grip and did so at their own peril.

That is what really happened the past few days – not what everyone hears from the mainstream media about a war. The press today is nothing more than paid propagandists that write for a profit and defend their lack of good ethics like a prostitute defends her trade for cash.

The Russians, from Putin, his diplomats and officials, to the military and the Russian citizen at home – were all united in one honorable purpose. And that was to defend their way of life without guile or deception and no hidden motives. They should be praised and honored for their stand, not ridiculed like they are today by the puppet politicians and the prostitute news media.

But the world seems to be upside down today, and what is right is called wrong and what is wrong is called right. That is a dangerous path to follow, and eventually those that cling to delusions will find themselves on the wrong side of destiny.

George Eaton –

Following is another perspective in understanding the so-called Ukraine ‘invasion’:

(From a Weibo netizen explaining the relationship between Russia, Ukraine, the United States, etc. with a family ethics drama)

I’m sure everyone is confused. If the news version of Russia vs Ukraine is too complicated, it is recommended to read the commentary of the novel version. See translation.

More than 20 years ago, Ukraine divorced her ex-husband (Russia), and several children belonged to her.

The ex-husband was also very accommodating to her and left her a lot of family property. After that, the ex-husband also paid off more than 200 billion debts for her.

After getting rid of her ex-husband, Ukraine started flirting and flirting with the village bully (USA) and a group of prostitutes (Western states) until she was completely in their arms. That’s still okay, (but) she completely listened to the village tyrant, and hooked up to attack her ex-husband.

The ex-husband was very angry and insisted on returning a child: Crimea.

Ukraine began to hold grudges and dreams. She wanted to marry into the NATO family and squeeze her ex-husband.

The village bully didn’t want to marry her. He just wanted to use her to bully her ex-husband. With every effort, the two children were forced to cry and look for their father.

The village bully was always on the sideline, just sending some expired items (ammunition) from time to time.

Ukraine thought she had someone to support her, and was even more presumptuous towards her ex-husband.

The ex-husband couldn’t bear it anymore, and looked at the poor children, and rushed over with the guy to ask the two children to go back, so they started fighting.


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