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Get to know China, not through fake news

February 3, 2022

    • YT, name me a country where there’s no discrimination, suppression or omission of any sort. Is your home country any better for e.g. with regards to human rights? Be honest.

      The world will be a better place if we pull our heads out of our asses and look at the bigger picture, and weigh the overall pros and cons. The majority have been brainwashed by the Leftist fake news media of America and have lost the art of critical thinking & discernment & have become “useless eaters.” I’d say Russia and China at this moment in history are far better countries than anywhere else in the world. America has degenerated to become a satanic shyt hole, topping the list of ALL other ‘white’ nations down to New Zealand.

      For a start, to help you not to have a myopic view of Russia and China today, have a view of these videos::

      Now, who is afflicted with “a case of cognitive dissonance”? Be honest.

      • You are certainly a doofus – what with your posting of that conman benjamin fulford – along with your half-baked arguments on religion with another fellow citizen of our home country in another post (I think it was some article ’bout bloodlines and such).

        Is Ivan and the commie chinks not forcing the vaxxes on their own fellow countrymen?

        I strongly suggest to you prior to your further posting, you best listen to what others have to say ’bout waiting for a ‘saviour’.

        Do you seriously believe that those [occult] globalist curs do not understand your NPC mindset and that they have not prepared way-beforehand (even centuries prior) for this day?

        Apologies for the late reply.

        • YT, it appears my reply to your comment has touched a raw nerve. Your rebuttal don’t make sense. This happens when one is trying to come back flailing, and floundering all over. Pull yourself together p*k*m*k, and make sense will ya?!

          • The evidence I have provided is for your kind perusal, if you cannot read or comprehend, I reckon I hardly need to elaborate further.

            If insults of a juvenile nature are all you can come up with, I hardly think you are such a pious person worthy of your “messiah” (or whatever dubious ‘saint’ image that the venetian merchant class has ordered artists to paint him as).

            I pity your Christian cohorts in our ancestral land that now suffer oppression as a direct result of communist rule.

            Pity the fools that have pander to corrupt overlords.

            • Me pious, p*k*m*k?

              How can you get it so wrong?! It merely goes to show that you’re not savvy, not sharp … know not what you read and has zero capability in discernment and analysis.

              I have gone through some of your links and if new-age mumbo-jumbo junk is your diet, stick with it. This blog, which has been at it for over 10 years, specialises in exposing key ‘conspiracy facts’ & hidden knowledge. Have you read my “5 Greatest Lessons …” yet? (see sidebar) Do it if you’ve not. It will serve you well one day. Not to insult you, I don’t think you’ve researched anything thoroughly and authored any article of value for the benefit of humanity.

              The protestant Bible, btw, is the oldest authentic history book. If you’ve found it to be airy-fairy please highlight your findings here and enlighten me and my readers.

              Also, shd you need butt-salve, feel free to let me know here too. Kalu tak nak pi main jauh2 yah.

              • Your “bible” is nothing more than just the mumbo-jumbo of antiquated charlatans that the vatican has charged with proselytizing the “word”.

                You must not realize that these popes held all the power in the realm – to-date.

                (Why do you think so many “christian festivals” have such pagan roots?)

                For someone who claims to have over a decade of research, it is laughable that you rely on the likes of one benjamin fulford.

                You must not know what hopium is and how hopelessly addicted you are.

                How different are you from those retarded leftist “librul” fools in America whom you detest?

                You probably have no idea that both ‘left’ and ‘right’ are also owned by the same globalist curs whom you hate.

                I suggest you research further than to flaunt your pitiful ten odd years of blogging.

                Or do you think you are in equal footing with the saints in your belief system just because you penned some works?

                Others more qualified have done more to enlighten others.



                • There, confirmed! You rage about things you know nothing about. Who cares what the Vatican and the poop represent and what they have to offer. Like I’ve pointed out to you before, you are not savvy, not sharp. Don’t you not realise my stance on the faith is NOT of the Catholic variant?! You erred much and you are an embarrassment to yourself. Your comprehension is grossly lacking & you keep barking up the wrong tree it’s laughable! Be gone, moron. Seriously.

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