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An example of a ‘super-spreader’ spreading Covid

January 24, 2022

AstraZeneca creates super-spreaders, confirmed

By Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist

My Father in law got AstraZeneca. I mentioned this over Christmas and how he got kicked out of my house (fortunately by someone else) over it. He then got my brother in law (who he was living with) sick with Covid despite my brother in law having the Sputnik vax. Father in law tested negative.

So he ran away to the family on the bus and EVERYONE rejected him. He then got stuck in a small town bus station at 1 AM which **FORCED** a family member in that town to take him in. Within a week, that household came down with Covid. One kid got super sick and I sent Ivermectin, with which he recovered. Father in law is now an absolute pariah

He refuses to believe he caused it all, including my brother in law, because “he tested negative”. But the results confirm he is a super spreader after AtstraZeneca, NO QUESTION. He got 4 people total VERY sick and 7 at least noticed something. Even I noticed something but I had the ivermectin right there and took it right away.

Everyone is more than pissed because EVERYONE told him not to get AstraZeneca or any DNA vax, he went and did it, and is now pushing a sickness that would be titled “god knows what” off on the family. Totally inconsiderately to boot. He’s going to end up spending his last days under a damn bridge over this, he totally soiled his existence by not listening, and then not only getting the shot, by getting anyone he comes in close contact with sick JUST LIKE EVERYONE WARNED HIM WOULD HAPPEN. EVERY LAST ONE knew this would happen.Now what about the family he may have ruined with his damn shedding? They are more than angry with him for trapping them into a social situation that forced them to take him in. What is going to happen to them long term?


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