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M Obama’s doctor goes on record

July 8, 2018

“I know what I saw”

* Michelle Obama Is a Man: Michael LaVaughn Robinson

M is for Michael

Dr. Rafael Espinanzo, who was entrusted with former First Lady Michelle Obama’s care during the 2008 presidential election, is speaking out about something he feels the public needs a definitive answer on. With all the talk about Mrs. Obama once being a man, Espinanzo felt he couldn’t keep his mouth shut any longer:

“I Know what I saw. Michelle Obama is not a woman who used to be a man. Michelle Obama is just a man with breast implants and a huge shaving bill. On the campaign trail, no medical staff were allowed to go near her other than to take vitals if she got sick, which she never did.

Michael LaVaughn Robinson = Michael Obama = Case Closed

I know what I know because I walked in on her…err…him…while he was taking a leak standing up in a bathroom in Trenton. They paid me millions for my silence but after seeing what they did to this country I just can’t keep quiet. Let them sue me.”

Sue them they will, says Obama spokesman Art Trubolls:

“Whatever information the doctor has is privileged. Should he decide to trade his license and every dime he’s ever made for a few minutes of fame, so be it.”

There was no direct denial of Dr. Espinanzo’s accusations.


From → World Watch

  1. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks, David.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    time for plastic surgery!

  3. Harry Balzak permalink

    Didn’t his secret service call sign set off suspicions?….Tuck.

  4. Mark Nicholson permalink

    The fingers on humans determine men from women. Easy sign is ring fingers of men are longer than their index fingers; women’s ring fingers are shorter than their index fingers. Unless they cut their fingers off u can’t change that.

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