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What most people completely missed out about the American government [and its system]

July 20, 2017

The same can be said of most people of other nations of their government and system


* Entire Park District Board placed under Citizen’s Arrest Group objects to board’s failure to allow public comment at meeting
First Instruction Letter [to President Trump]
* Karl Lentz invokes queen’s bench become ‘i a man’ not a person & win in court  


Fundamentally, all ‘systems of democracy’ (derivatives of the British model because Britain was the grand colonial master of all its colonies) are really not that dissimilar from one another.

One can learn from this study (replace the names of townships/parishes, counties, states where appropriate to those of your nation’s) and understand where true power lies – the People of the Land. And because we are Man/Woman of the Land, the law of the land or Common Law of the land applies to us.

Remember also, a Man/Woman is a living soul made by God; NOT a fiction or straw(wo)man, which has no soul, created by a corporation. Now do you see why a dead (wo)man is referred to as a corpse?

About 350 years ago, a group of satanist elites created the concept of ‘corporation/corporatisation’ to help them hijack this power and relegate the true ‘rulers’ (We the People) to be subservient to the cabal corporation’s deceptions and scams. Consequently, they enforced upon ‘We the People of the Land’ the law of the sea (Admiralty/Maritime Law – based on the ‘reasoning’ that planet Earth is covered with, and, the human body is comprised of two-third water) and started issuing all kinds of ‘certificates’ (i.e. corporatisation instruments) beginning with the birth (berth) certificate and CAPITALISING one’s name.

All commerce, if one must know, is based on admiralty/maritime law. The Uniform Commerce Code (UCC) and International Commercial Code (ICC) similarly have their roots in the law of the sea.

It is by design that the term ‘birth canal,’ which one emerges from one’s mother’s womb into this world, is used and applied to help foist the deception upon mankind. By applying the ‘water-associated’ term, a newborn is relegated to being a cargo of a ‘ship’ that is berthed at a dock, which requires the service of a ‘doctor’ (from dock master) to issue a manifesto (birth certificate) to declare the existence of the ship’s cargo. Other ‘water-associated’ terms that are worth further study include ‘currency’ (from water current), ‘bank’ (from river bank) and ‘in deep water’ (drastic short of cash/money or in heavy debt), ‘liquid assets’ (cash/currency). Quiz: what does one call the land that controls the flow of water current? Answer: river bank.

Referencing this particular deception is barely scratching the surface of a larger big lie that was foisted on mankind to deceive, defraud and enslave humanity, and this blog does not wish to digress from the topic at hand.

To overcome the big lie and really know the true power or ‘standing’ of a Man/Woman – just remember God’s Divine Law: God made Man. Man made all other ‘things’ to serve Man. So in terms of hierarchy, God is First, Man is Second – all others that come thereafter are under Man (for his pleasure). Therefore, nothing that Man creates can have power over Man.

Don’t ever forget this simple spiritual truth!

One may wish to research Karl Lentz and study how he (after being chastised by a smart lawyer “Be a Man!” and having dug deep to find out ‘what it really means to be a Man’) was then able to overcome the state or cabal ‘corporate system’ to win back custody of his son with Down’s syndrome.

Writings of Judge Anna von Reitz from Big Lake Alaska

The Way Power is Supposed to Flow in America:

Land Government



Counties [Jackson County]

States [Wisconsin State]

Continental Congress

Federal Government (Sea Government)

United States Congress/Congress of the United States of America


[United States Supreme Court]

Departments and Agencies

States of…. [State of Wisconsin]


Counties of. … [County of Jackson]


Townships of…. [Township of Adams]





At every step the power vested DECREASES …

Who Is Who and What Is What?

The People = The Militia

The word “people” is Hebrew. It means “militia”. All power is vested in the people, that is, the militia organized in defense of our country.

The Townships and Parishes

The people form their local government based on where they live and own land. They assemble their town (as in “township”) councils and hold “town hall” meetings.

The Counties on the Land [For example: Maricopa County]

The counties are comprised of townships and parishes organized within the county’s physical boundaries, thus each county represents a number of townships/parishes.

The States on the Land [For example: California State]

Similarly states are comprised of all the counties organized within the physical boundaries of the state. Each state in these United States is a separate sovereign nation.

The Federal Government

The Federal Government is both a corporation organized to provide nineteen enumerated governmental services and an association of the States organized to direct and oversee the delivery of those services. It is not and has never been a sovereign nation or government.

At each level the amount of power vested in the government is REDUCED. The Federal Government has the LEAST amount of power.

One the land of these United States, the people hold all the power and merely delegate tasks to public employees. The people are all State Nationals: Arkansans, Vermonters, Texans and so on. They occasionally send their Deputies as Delegates to a Continental Congress.

This is all separate from and not to be confused with the Government operating in the international jurisdiction of the Sea.

The Sea Government = International (Federal) Government

The government operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea goes in REVERSE order with power flowing from the TOP DOWN. It is inhabited by “citizens”, not “people”.

Citizens serve the government. People are served by government.


President – acts as CEO of the federal corporation(s)

Congress – acts as Board of Directors

United States Supreme Court – acts as the ultimate in-house corporate tribunal and interprets The Constitution – The Supreme Law of the Land for the public employees working in the international jurisdiction of the sea.

United States of America, Inc. – one of the main federal government corporations organized to provide services to the states and people via franchises it calls federated “States”, for example, “State of California” and federated counties, for example, “County of Maricopa”.

UNITED STATES, INC. – another federal government corporation organized to provide services to federal employees and dependents, that is, “citizens”. This also uses franchises called “STATES”, for example, “STATE OF CALIFORNIA” and counties, “COUNTY OF MARICOPA”.

Any time you see the word “of” or see anything named via the use of all capital letters you know you are dealing with an incorporated franchise operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea.

California State = Land Jurisdiction/Law of the Land, “State of California” = Sea Jurisdiction/Law of the Sea, “STATE OF CALIFORNIA” and “CALIFORNIA” = Sea Jurisdiction/Law of the Sea.

Maricopa County = Land Jurisdiction/Law of the Land. “County of Maricopa” = Sea Jurisdiction/Law of the Sea. “COUNTY of MARICOPA” and “MARICOPA” = Sea Jurisdiction/Law of the Sea.

“California State” is the actual state on the land owed to the people.

State of California” provides the “people” of California State with nineteen enumerated federal services owed to them under contract.

STATE OF CALIFORNIA” provides “citizens” — that is, public employees and officials and dependents of the federal government with administrative services and benefits.

Two kinds of “citizens” — United States Citizens and “citizens of the United States”; JOHN QUINCY DOE is a United States Citizen and JOHN Q. DOE is a citizen of the UNITED STATES, both franchises of federal corporations merely named after john quincy of the House Doe.


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