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The difference between A Man and A Person

April 17, 2014

Man created government … so government is subservient to Man. Government created “persons” … persons are subservient to government. Go to court as a Man … instead of as a person. Result … you win. [/quote]


A “person” is a (corpse of a corporation) or a legal fiction. You become one the moment you are born (berthed) and is issued with a Birth Certificate where your name appears in ALL CAPITAL letters. You will then become a ‘property’ of the corporation and be subjected to the corporation’s legalities/statutes/policies/acts/codes (UCC, Contract, Admiralty Law, Maritime Law, Law of The Sea.) Notice how from there on all ‘official document’ (issued by the corporation / government) pertaining to this ‘legal fiction’ (a ‘dead’ (wo)man) your name appears in ALL CAPITAL letters? Claim your RIGHTS as a “living (wo)man” – a living human being / soul on land – and invoke Common Law (trial by jury) / Natural Law which is the immutable Law of God and be freed of the fraudulent corporate system which goes all the way back to The Vatican! Also, find out the difference between the nation e.g. Australia and the corporation Australia Incorporated. It’s time to wake up, people. All are not as they seem.

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  1. Pat permalink

    I had some much learning to do in a short time that i became sick and anxious alot to even disturb my self. I also would include the website
    The code/statute beleive me are only interpretation of the simple laws.

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