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Pak Lah, please help get Nathaniel Tan released

July 14, 2007

This post is put up here as a relay support for the call for the release of Nathaniel Tan (above) who had been “arrested” under unclear circumstance by personnel claiming to be police officers from Bukit Aman.

As reported here, the incident took place at approximately 4.30 p.m. on Friday, 13 July 2007. At the time Nathaniel was in his office at Yayasan Aman in Phileo Damansara 1, Petaling Jaya. The only other person who was present with him at the premises was one Eng Kiat, a part-time journalist for online Suara Keadilan.

We appeal to our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who is also the Minister of Home Affairs, to use his good office to look into the matter and help secure Nathaniel’s release now.

Justice must not only be served but must also be seen to be done. Thank you, Pak Lah.

From → Malaysia Upclose

  1. AHIRUDIN ATTAN permalink

    Bro, Pak Lah does not know many things. He didn’t know that his son-in-law bought shares in ECM (and he’s the Finance Minister). He did not know that Singapore investors were buying up Pantai Hospital shares (and now Pantai is run by Singaporeans).

    You expect him to know that Nat has been detained?

  2. nstman permalink

    Further to what The Rock said, Pak lah is still in dreamland. He still thinks he is on honeymoon with Jean.

  3. elviza permalink

    Dearest Ewoon,

    Dia tak baca blog lah friend. He’s busy being in lurveee…. He he hehe..

    You take care.

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