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World bank whistleblower Karen Hudes on the criminal banking cartels and how to stop them

Noted II:
* Former Nokia Technology Chief: Mobile phones wrecked my health
* GlaxoSmithKline fined $3bn after bribing doctors to increase drugs sales

* Did the dragon family take control of the Federal Reserve Board
* “Anti-Petrodollar” CEO Of French Energy Giant Total Dies In Freak Plane Crash In Moscow
* Bank of England apologises and orders inquiry into payment system crash – as it happened
* ALERT: The Financial Backroom is on FIRE!! - Bix Weir
* Illuminati Exposed At The U.S. Senate On Live TV 
* Fed warns big banks to reform or face breakup

EXPOSED: The Fed’s secret Doomsday Book

Noted II:
* Ebola Is A Staged Hoax
* Ebola hoax: the feared “bleeding” symptom
* Ron Paul: Ebola panic is much more dangerous than the disease itself

* CDC Whistleblower Exposes Ebola Vaccinations Containing RFID Chips
* The Ebola Agenda — Dr. Mark Sircus
* If Your Doctor Insists Vaccines Are Safe Have Them Sign This Form!
* Ebola False Flag Conspiracy FULLY Exposed! Complete Compilation Of ALL The Evidence! CASE CLOSED!

* 500 Trillion Dollar Family! Heads Of the Illuminati! Lord Jacob Rothschild
* Rothschild Czar Bill Gates To Face Trial In India: Millions Of Children Poisoned By Vaccine!
* Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov speaks to the World — Paul Craig Roberts
* Will Ebola Vaccines Be Safe and Effective? What FOIA Documents In the UK and US Reveal

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UK Councillor Simon Parkes raised by Mantid ETs …

The Great Shift begins in 2017. No to Ebola vaccine.

* Announcing the Beginning of the End of the Cabal - Dave Schmidt[The Federal Reserve, IMF, BIS and World Bank have been given their walking-certificates! - MUST LISTEN!!!]
* Hail Hail To The Republic Of The United States Or Not???? Has THE CORPORATION Finally Stepped Down?
* Dragon Family Now Owns IMF & Federal Reserve
- Ron Van Dyke Update, 18-10-2014
What It Will Be Like After China Makes The Final Payment To Purchase The Federal Reserve …  

US Government Holds Ebola Virus Patent

The question the world should ask US is: WHY?!

* VT Issues First Ebola Warning (Subject to National Security Hack!)
* Ebola: Very Crafty, False-Flag Vaccination-Blackmail?


Link to PATENT

Heads-up for report here.

The Saudi oil war against Russia, Iran and the US

* Celente: ISIS, WW3 & The NWO’s Grand Chessboard Of Lies
* For Bank Of America, Crime Is Now An Ordinary Course Of Business
* “If The Dow Drops Below 15,000… I Would Suggest People Start Buying Food & Ammo”

A fisherman pulls in his net as an oil tanker is seen at the port in the northwestern city of Duba.(Reuters / Mohamed Al Hwaity)

Source of report here.
By Pepe Escobar

Saudi Arabia has unleashed an economic war against selected oil producers. The strategy masks the House of Saud’s real agenda. But will it work?

Rosneft Vice President Mikhail Leontyev; “Prices can be manipulative…Saudi Arabia has begun making big discounts on oil. This is political manipulation, and Saudi Arabia is being manipulated, which could end badly.”

A correction is in order; the Saudis are not being manipulated. What the House of Saud is launching is “Tomahawks of spin,” insisting they’re OK with oil at $90 a barrel; also at $80 for the next two years; and even at $50 to $60 for Asian and North American clients.

The fact is Brent crude had already fallen to below $90 a barrel because China – and Asia as a whole – was already slowing down economically, although to a lesser degree compared to the West. Production, though, remained high – especially by Saudi Arabia and Kuwait – even with very little Libyan and Syrian oil on the market and with Iran forced to cut exports by a million barrels a day because of the US economic war, a.k.a. sanctions.

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Persian Woman Talks about ‘THE MATRIX’

* This Top Marine General Just Courageously Broke Rank To Deliver A Crushing Blow To Obama
* Do top Western leaders work for hostile aliens or are they just evil?
* BUSTED! Formaldehyde DUMPED in Liberian Water Wells Causing Ebola-like Symptoms
* The Real Sick Planet … Top 1% ‘own half global wealth’ – Credit Suisse report

Women4Truth YouTube Channel

IMF Prepares For Major Bank Runs, Collapse Imminent

* The Economic EndGame Has Arrived
* Bankers Have Prepared A Special Event To Cover Up The Collapse – Banker Admits Libor Conspiracy
* U.S. and UK to test big bank collapse in joint model run
* This Is What Happens When Someone Is Desperate To Sell $750 Million Of Stocks
* While All Eyes On Ebola, UN Passes World Patriot Act
* EbolaGate is actually a Bioweapons False Flag attack strategy, with many sophisticated alternative scenarios

Source of report here.


Policymakers and economists around the world are worried about inflated asset prices that could stir up another financial shock in the near future.

For the countries already hit hardest by the Ebola virus, the deaths and quarantines have caused a loss of productivity. From here experts say there’s no telling how far that can spread.

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From Ghana: Ebola is a lie … it is not real !

“The only people who have gotten sick are those who have received treatments and injections from the Red Cross

[Spread this report far and wide! The mainstream media is lying big time to the world!]

Noted II:
* The Liberian Daily Observer confirms Nana Kwame’s testimony

* [Repost] India Holds Bill Gates Accountable For His Vaccine Crimes
* [Repost] Final Nails In The Ebola Scam Coffin: The 2014 Ebola Outbreak is a PROVEN FRAUD, Here is the Evidence
* The Ebola Vacine In Reality Is The Pandemic! 
* Ebola: How to fake a pandemic
* Huge Plunge in Kindergartener’s Vaccination Rates: Officials Stumped
* Ebola Vaccine Weaponized … Don’t Take It Under Any Circumstance!
* Ebola Spreading In Dallas, CDC Lies Exposed!
* 2002 American Medical Association study concludes Ebola and Marberg best bio-weapons choice for use against populace
* Secret Space War XVIII: Completely Verboten! Even Disclosure is going to have its limits.


Source of report here.
By Nana Kwame, October 8, 2014

People In the Western World Need to Know What’s Happening Here in West Africa. THEY ARE LYING!!! “Ebola” as a Virus Does NOT Exist and Is NOT “Spread”. The Red Cross Has Brought a Disease to 4 Specific Countries for 4 Specific Reasons and It Is Only Contracted By Those Who Receive Treatments and Injections From the Red Cross.

That is Why Liberians and Nigerians Have Begun Kicking the Red Cross Out of Their Countries and Reporting In the News the Truth. Now Bear With Me:


Most People Jump to “Depopulation” Which is No Doubt Always on the Mind of the West When It Comes to Africa. But I Assure You Africa Can NEVER Be Depopulated By Killing 160 People a Day When Thousands are Born Per Day. So the real Reasons Are Much More Tangible.

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Bribing doctors? New data exposes drug company payola

* MH370 Controlled ‘Until Very End’ At Diego Garcia. Emirates Head Criticizes Gov’t CoverUp

* CAUGHT: Big Pharma Kills 100,000 Per Year. Doctors On Their Payroll!
* Dr. Stefan Lanka Exposes The “Viral Fraud” - Pictures of “Isolated Viruses” Debunked
* Ebola Hoax: 100% Revealed! CNN + NYT caught using CRISIS ACTORS!
* Special-Ops Dire Ebola Warning! Ebola Vaccine Is Trigger For The Plague! 
* Ebola Hoax Busted!!!

Source of report here.
By William Campbell Douglass, October 5, 2014

Mainstream corruption exposed in shocking new data

There are two things Dracula and the mainstream have in common. They live off your blood — and they can’t stand any sunlight aimed in their direction.

For years, the morally challenged mainstream has disgracing itself, accepting lavish gifts, trips, and speaking “honorariums” from shady Big Pharma execs.

Call it bribing doctors. Call it prostitution. But no matter what you label it, it’s the kind of exchange you’d expect to happen in some “pay by the hour” hotel room and not a physician’s office.

Plenty of docs and drug sales reps have acted like cockroaches for years — and now they’re scrambling like them, too. Because the federal government has just released its first batch of data detailing which doctors, dentists, chiropractors, podiatrists and optometrists are on the Big Pharma dole.

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Open Letter to the “Elite” Rulers

“Elites:” This Letter Is Real, Your Attention Required

* The Elite’s Plan for Global Extermination Exposed by Dr. Webster Tarpley 1/4 
* “Non-Official Cover” – Respected German Journalist Blows Whistle on How the CIA Controls the Media
* Harvard Students Claim America Is A Bigger Threat Than ISIS
* NIH: ‘We May Have to Vaccinate Whole Countries to Stop Ebola Outbreak - [There you have it: here's the real reason the Ebola scare has gone hyper-drive! Don't fall for the propaganda. It's all about money and Agenda 21. These evil cabal bastards have no qualm killing you while they rob you! Most governments are complicit because they are clueless and follow orders of their shadow masters.]
* Military Whistleblower, Scott Bennett, Reveals CIA and Swiss Banks Funding of ISIS, Al Queda

* The Ongoing Propaganda War Behind GMOs Exposed
* BOUGHT: The Hidden Story Behind Vaccines, Big Pharma & Your Food
* CONFIRMED! Lab tests show over 30+ popular food products contain GMOs. Are you eating them?

Source here.
By Richard Sacks, October 6, 2014

Brothers and Sisters of our ruling class, Royal Family members, Bloodline Family members, Heads of State, Heads and High Officers of Multinational Corporations, High Officers and Heads of Banking Organizations, to you all, Greetings!

The multitudes of the world look at you with awe and wonder.

They believe what you have taught them to believe, that you are benevolent people, always on guard to protect our welfare and to decide and do what is best for us.

They see you as beautiful, powerful, and mysterious, they believe that your appearance, your facade that you show to the public is who you really are. 

The media, which you own and control, and to whom you dictate the “news” and the values to convey to the people, that media puts your faces on the covers of magazines, your regal presences looking down on us with compassion and wisdom beyond what we can understand.

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