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‘Chinese aliens’ stayed with Hunan farmer for 3 years and helped him build Alien Scientific Park

Project Camelot Interview with James Chu in Hong Kong

* UFOs File China’s Roswell UFOs & Aliens Documentary 2014 


The Eight Immortals


The Eight Immortals

Source of report here.

Link to video reference (in Cantonese dialect) of the Alien Scientific Park - Part 1 & Part 2

Hong Kong UFO Club YouTube Channel

US Marine Mars Officer: Breakaway civilization to repopulate Earth with Mars DNA pool colonists

* Breaking: Austria Considers Repatriating Its Gold
* Crude Carnage Contagion: Biggest Stock Bloodbath In 3 Years, Credit Crashes

* (US) Paying Down The Debt Is Now Almost Mathematically Impossible
* Can the US ever pay off its debt? [Video] 

* Leaked document: Ukraine’s government to eliminate … everything 

Source here.

Allergy Elimination Technique!


Heads-up from here.

I would like to introduce this procedure because it literally saved my life in 2007. I had become allergic to EVERYTHING! The result was chronic sinus infections.

I went on five rounds of antibiotics over the course of six months, went into several bouts of three-day migraines, was missing a lot of work, the pain was unbearable and this is from someone who has an insane high tolerance for pain!

The medication was killing my immunse system and after exhausting the pill option, modern medicine wanted to turn to the knife and offered exploratory surgery! NO WAY!!!

I was then introduced to NAET and real healing began.

It works and you can even treat animals as well.

~ Kimberlee Schultz,
Co-Fonder, A Call to Actions

Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique ~ NAET ~

What’s the (real) reason world crude oil prices have been dropping … and will not rise again?

Zoe Huang: Project Camelot Interview With A Starseed In Hong Kong

* OPEC ‘effectively dissolved’; oil will slide to $50 – Bank of America
* Why is Saudi Arabia lowering oil prices?
* Oil Prices Tumble Amid Global Supply Glut 
* Crashing Crude’s First Casualty: One-Time Commodities Giant Phibro Liquidating
* UN Expert Calls For Prosecution Over U.S. Torture 

Listen to an impromptu interview by Kerry Cassidy with “a very fascinating young woman in Hong Kong. Zoe Huang considers herself a star seed with special abilities to evaluate viruses and determine the path to a cure. She is highly intuitive and believes she has figured out peak oil and the need to move to free energy in the remaining time we have left with that resource. In addition, she is writing a book revealing the matrix surrounding the notion of reincarnation and the true path to ascension.” – Project Camelot

The Sedona Connection is in China to become acquainted with the Dragon Family

Noted II:
* Rafapal: BRICS Gold money check-mate for Rothschild US dollar?
* Expert: USA will receive BRICS gold only when constitution is restored 

* The Ambassador: Red Dragon Bloodline Family Vs The Illuminati Cabal
* [Re-post] Full Disclosure: Red Dragon Ambassador Speaks Out! You’ll Never Believe Whats Coming! 
* Markets Turmoiled As 5th Hindenburg Looms
* Vladimir Putin’s full speech at the final plenary meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club in Sochi, Russia, 24 October 2014. Theme was “The World Order: New Rules or a Game without Rules”
* Racism laid bare in Israel
* WTI Crude Crashes To $60 Handle As Saudis Shun Cuts 

Click link to go to The Sedona Connection

Click link for the radio program website for Q & A with The Ambassador

Sedona Connection

First the evil Pope, then the dumb Secretary of Defense, now Netanyahu, next the Bush clan

… Benjamin Fulford Update, December 9, 2014

* CIA torture report: spy agency braces for global impact of inquiry as release date nears
* Dick Cheney Was Lying About Torture

* 6,000+ Mrines On High Alert Amid White House Release Of “Torture Report”
* Benjamin Fulford posted Tom Henegan’s Blog – Bombshell Info On Uprising In US 
* Putin on US Foreign Policy & Elite
* US meddling to blame for ‘all Arab world sufferings’ – Sudan president
* Terminal stage IV lung cancer patient miraculously cured by cannabis oil
* 5 Questions About Xi Jinping, Answered 

Source here.

The satanic cabal is suffering a series of catastrophic defeats. Like a snowball gradually turning larger, the removal of a few cabalists is now turning into an avalanche of losses for the cabal. The removal of Pope Maledict and the abdication of a several European royals is now being followed with the removal of key cabal power brokers in the United States. The low IQ, and easy to manipulate, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has been replaced with Ashton Carter, a polymath with a PHD in theoretical physics. Under cabal rule, meritocrats like Carter ran into a glass ceiling. The fact that such a man is now in the top post is a good sign but, Carter will have to show with his actions that he is on the right side. The early omens are good. The US military industrial complex is out to oust mass murdering psychopath Benyamin Netanyahu had have already managed to overthrow his government. The evidence presented in a British court that Netanyahu was one of the key planners of the 311 tsunami and nuclear mass murder attack was a key reason for his loss of support inside the military industrial complex as well as in the Israeli government, Mossad sources say.

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“Riddles” Surround 36th Dead Banker Of The Year

* Pope Finds 100s Of Millions Of Euros “Tucked Away”; Freezes Ex-Vatican Bank Heads Assets
* Core Secrets: NSA Saboteurs in China and Germany
* War by media and the triumph of propaganda 

Source here.

52-year-old Belgian Geert Tack – a private banker for ING who managed portfolios for wealthy individuals – was described as ‘impeccable’, ‘sporty’, ‘cared-for’, and ‘successful’ and so as Vermist reports, after disappearing a month ago, the appearance of his body off the coast of Ostend is surrpunded by riddles…

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Former CIA agent’s message to America – and its alternative media and bloggers

* Purging The Traitors Of Russia 
(Russia’s Central Bank Hit by Accusations of Sabotaging the Ruble)
* Veterans Today Radio (12-3-14) Stew Webb, Leo Wanta, Lon Gibby 
(Leo Wanta – He Will End the Fed! The Amazing Story Never Told!) 
* Voices Grow Louder To End The US Dollar’s Reserve Status
* Reptilians Among Us – The Alien Race ‘Here’ On Earth – Viewer Discretion 

The speaker is named Robert David Steele.

New Karen Hudes Bombshell !

It’s Here, New Currency To Replace Dollar

* Oil And The Global Slowdown – It’s time for central banks to admit their failures
* Secret Backdoor Government Laws Revealed! 
* ‘Courts Are Collecting Agents’ 
* Your NAME In Capital Letters on Official Documents Is NOT You
* French Farmer Year-long Stay on ET Base (40-Year Silence Imposed Following His Return In 2005)
* Keshe Foundation 39th Knowledge Seekers Workshop, Dec 4 2014

Source here.
By Susan Duclos

GoldstandardIn Karen Hudes latest webcam release from December 4, 2014, the World Bank whistleblower explains that the time has arrived, the new currency which will replace the dollar and other fiat currencies, Aurom, will contain gold within the currency itself. Karen explains how this will occur in an orderly manner in an attempt to prevent the US greenback from fully crashing, and updates us on the new “coalition for the rule of law.”

It is a short webcam update and Karen’s Facebook page is here for those that wish to keep up with her periodical updates in the future.

Breaking: Adoption of House of Representatives Resolution: Provides De Facto “Green Light” to Obama to “Declare War on Russia”

It appears US politicians are just as clueless and beyond redemption. And the banksters got their war they so desperately want. Watch out world, more blood will be on Americans’ hands.

* Fight Breaks Out In Parliament When Ukraine Learns It Has Quietly Become The Newest US State
* America is on a “Hot War Footing”: House Legislation Paves the Way for War with Russia?
* Reckless Congress ‘Declares War’ on Russia 

* Sandy Hook Film Exposes a Deeply Subverted Nation
* Wake Up! Governments Are Backing Staged Protests Across the Globe! 
* The Elite’s Worst Fear: Swiss Gold Initiative | Duane & Hoffman (Part 1) 

Source here.

The US House of Representatives has overwhelmingly approved a document which strongly condemns Moscow’s actions against its neighbors, calling them a policy of aggression.

Passed with 411-10 votes, the resolution slams Russia’s “continuing political, economic, and military aggression” against Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova and the “continuing violation of their sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity.

The US, Europe and our allies must aggressively keep the pressure on Mr. Putin to encourage him to change his behavior,” Rep. Adam Kinzinger, the resolution’s sponsor, said.

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