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Rumour? Obama to be prosecuted for treason?

U.S. Chief Justice Roberts “Signed Off On Interpol To Arrest And Remove Obama on 25 Charges of Treason”

* GOP Florida House candidate on Obama: ‘It’s time to arrest and hang him high’
* Florida House candidate Joshua Black calls for President Obama’s arrest, hanging for treason

* Intel Rumours Update 4/20 :
* David Wilcock – The plan to take down the illuminati
* Easter Proclamation Abolishes the Papacy – Common Law Court and Covenanted Christians issue joint statement

 Source of report here

Since Obama reneged on his resignation, all offers of safe haven throughout the world have been removed.

Obama will be prosecuted for multiple counts of treason to the fullest extent.”

Charges of Treason against Obama including 2nd Amendment infringements, declaring war without consent of Congress and misuse of Posse Comitatus in the Bundly Land Management case…

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The cabal rules our world, planet Earth, by secrecy

John F Kennedy found it “repugnant” and he was assassinated because he wanted to expose and put an end to it

* Phil Schneider: Assassinated After Disclosure – Full Feature
* The Lie NASA Told – The Imminent Demise of the NWO
* Valiant Thor – A Venusian At The Pentagon [Rev. Frank E. Stranges]
* History Behind The Rothschild Family
* The Political Dominance of The Cabal: by Mark Gorton

JFK Secret Societies Speech (full version)

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Leuren Moret: MH370 false flag objectives include NWO Malaysia oil grab; militarization of SE Asia; Inmarsat global plane tracking; advancing global police state

Ah, work of the economic hit man, again!

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Time To Open the Gates of Hell?

CERN: Large Hadron Collider Discovers ‘Very Exotic Matter’ That Challenges Traditional Physics!

* CRAZY! Pope Francis to Be Seen Worldwide In 3D on April 27th!
* The POPE/PROJECT BLUE BEAM/18 Days Worldwide in 3D

Source of report here.


The Key to the Bottomless Pit, Top World Researchers are attempting to open other dimensions. 2014 God Particle Project: Opening A Bottomless Pit to Hell Now! (Disturbing Video)​

The Large Hadron Collider beauty collaboration has confirmed the existence of exotic hadron with two quarks, two anti-quarks.

“The last time they fired it up, it was almost opening dimensional  portals like a stargate! There were reports that people were seen coming in and out of different dimensions!” Hagmann and Hagmann Report

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A “Man” versus A “Person”

Man created government … so government is subservient to man. Government created “persons” … persons are subservient to government. Go to court as a “man” … instead of as a person. Result … you win. [/quote]

Karl Lentz’s Blog
Karl Lentz’s YouTube Channel
TalkShoe Radio – Uncommonlaw by Karl

A “person” is a corporate or legal fiction. You become one the moment you are born (berthed) and is issued with a Birth Certificate where your name appears in ALL CAPITAL letters. You will then become a ‘property’ of the corporation and be subjected to the corporation’s legalities/statutes/policies/acts/codes (UCC, Contract, Admiralty Law, Maritime Law, Law of The Sea.) Notice how from there on all “official document’ (issued by the corporation/government) pertaining to this ‘legal fiction’ (a ‘dead’ man) your name appears in ALL CAPITAL letters? Claim your RIGHTS as a “living man” – a living human being / soul on land – and invoke Common Law / Natural Law which is akin to the immutable Law of God and be freed of the fraudulent corporate system, which goes all the way back to The Vatican! Also, find out the difference between the nation e.g. Australia and the corporation Australia Incorporated. It’s time to wake up, people. All is not as it seems.

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“Breaking! Official: MH370 Military Hijack. Diego Garcia, High-Value Detainees Rendered More Likely”

Oh, Really?!!!


 YB Karpal Singh 1940-2014
Malaysians Lost A Son & Legend …
R.I.P Yang Berhormat Karpal Singh

* Malaysia Airlines flight MH370: Stricken plane was ‘thrown around like a fighter jet in attempt to dodge radar’
* 20 Freescale Semiconductor Employees – What were they doing? Who benefits? Updated
* Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 search rethink within a week, says Prime Minister Tony Abbott 
* MH370 families storm out of glitchy teleconference with Malaysian officials
* James Cameron: How to search for MH370
* Disappearance of MH 370 flight: The trillion dollar question to the US and its intelligence services
* Evil Monsanto, Nevada Nonsense, Ukraine & Where is MH370?
* Malaysian PM confirms flight MH370 ended in the Indian Ocean – March 24, 2014

Source of report here

By Deborah Dupré

Military avionic expertise was employed to dodge radar for hijacking Malaysian Airlines MH370 Boeing 777, according to officials’ new statements and information that also indicate both the Maldives islanders’ sightings of the low-flying Boeing 777 and thus the Diego Garcia use in the black  operation are more probable.

Malaysia Airlines flight 370 was “thrown around like a fighter jet” to dodge radar detection after it “disappeared,” Malaysian military investigators reportedly now believe. This has been reported by the Independent UK in an article, Malaysia Airlines flight MH370: Stricken plane was ‘thrown around like a fighter jet in attempt to dodge radar’

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Eyewitness says BLM “scared crapless” by THOUSANDS of patriots supporting NV rancher Bundy

“People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.” ― Alan Moore, V for Vendetta

* Bundy Ranch standoff pictures the mainstream media doesn’t ever want you to see
* Bundy Ranch and the new rules of engagement: Send this analysis to your favorite fed
* THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF 9-11 (Second Edition by Paul Zarembka)

 Source of report here


The following is the personal account of a female Los Angeles attorney who drove [to] Bunkersville, Nevada, to support besieged rancher Cliven Bundy:

I rolled into Laughlin really early, like 5:30 am. So many people had shown up, that we decided to leave in groups. A second group to leave at 8 AM as scheduled. Ours was a big group too. About two dozen cars, loaded with passengers.

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‘Blood moon’ video: Rare total lunar eclipse caught on tape

Sky-watchers see ‘blood moon’ in total lunar eclipse

Source of news report here

CAPE CANAVERAL (Florida) — Parts of the world saw a rare celestial event today (April 15) when the Earth’s shadow fell across the moon, turning it orange.

The lunar eclipse unfolded over three hours beginning at about 2am EDT (2pm, Singapore time), when the moon began moving into Earth’s shadow. A little more than an hour later, the moon could be seen eclipsed and bathed in an orange, red or brown glow.


“Surrender or die,” that is the choice the US cabal government now faces

… Benjamin Fulford Report, April 14, 2014

Benjamin Fulford Report, April 7, 2014: ”Lots of high level threats and murder taking place as cabalists turn on each other”
* HISTORY OF NESARA – by Nancy B. Detweiler . . . related to the Bundy situation and land rights . . .
* Neil Keenan Update | Our Cattleman Bundy, US Blunders in Ukraine, Suicided Banksters, & Swissindo Shenanigans
* Pope Francis “we are not alone in the universe !!!! (Use Google Translate to translate into English)
3000 Mile Wide Disc Caught By ISS?

* 9/11 – Mike Ruppert – The Truth And Lies Of 911 -(Full length)
* OUR~ HOLLOW EARTH ~ AMAZING What They Will NEVER Teach You in School – Where UFOS Come From
UFO Truth Timothy Good Nov 2013
* Space Alien Worked for U.S. Government? Valiant Thor
* Valiant Thor – A Venusian At The Pentagon [Rev. Frank E. Stranges]

The criminal cabal that hijacked the Republic of the United States of America and turned it into a global pariah have been cornered to a point where they must either surrender or die. This is becoming obvious on many levels. For example, last week even the member nations of the globalist International Monetary Fund lined up 187 to 1 against the United States in an effort to get them to relinquish their veto control of that institution.

Even more troubling for the families that control the Federal Reserve Board has been the massive ongoing attack on their petrodollar. In particular, the situation in the Ukraine is turning into a historical cabal defeat.

President Vladimir Putin of Russia has begun insisting that Europe and the Ukraine pay for their supplies of Russian gas with something other than US dollars. The Europeans have little choice but to agree to this, thus sealing the fate of the petrodollar.

US Corporate Government President Barack Obama, working under orders from puppet masters like George Soros, tried convincing the Middle Eastern oil producing countries to drive down the price of oil and bankrupt Russia but was rebuffed.

Obama then turned around and went to the Chinese where, according to Chinese government sources, he offered to hand over to China….


‘MH370 Did Not Disappear And Crash’: New Report

*MH370: 9/11-style false flag gone awry?’
* Supporting Bundy and Freedom by Gianluca Zanna
* BLM to Bundy Ranch: “you’d better hope that 10,000 show up”
* Historic! Feds Forced to Surrender to American Citizens

Source of report here.

It is impossible for MH370 to have ”disappeared and crashed,” Press TV reported in an exclusive interview this weekend about Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

In fact this aircraft cannot be just lost. It cannot have just disappeared. This makes no sense,” Dr. Kevin Barrett reported. “There is military radar and satellite coverage of that area. The CIA base in Alice Springs Australia knows precisely what happened to that plane. And it is interesting the Malaysian government has asked them and they are not getting any response. 

Dr. Barrett, Veterans Today editor, author and radio host said that “what we do know is that this story that it just disappeared and presumably crashed is impossible.

“It takes only a second or two to squawk an emergency code. If it is a hijacking, there is a hijack code – it is I think three digits – it is just tap, tap, tap and it is done. So there is no way that a plane is going to start having problems that are going to lead to a crash and it is not going to squawk that code.

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