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The Book of Man by Brian O

Here’s “The Story Behind the Story: Part I”

* Banking And Greed, According To Science
* Financial Repression For Dummies - w/ Gordon T Long 

 “… consider this very important” – Alex Collier, June 2014

The Book of Man Promo
The Book Of Man – Interview with Brian O and Denise Wilbanks

“…. The purpose of the Book of Man is to attempt to begin painting at least this small portion of the vast mural which has been accumulated from the depths of obscurity, as well as dark or hidden and likewise unrealized historical milestones – and what someone or something is attempting to reveal within such a construct.” – Brian O

Source here.
The Book of Man – Brian O

To fundamentally start at the beginning would be a fairly lengthy road trip. So briefly as possible we will forego the countless decades of acquiring the information and leap to where things started to get interesting.

I had pretty much given up on any practical UFO studies or research as all I was seeing at the time (in the 70′s & thru to the 90′s) was rehashed old data over and over again – to the point of redundant eyerolls. Not time efficient.

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The “Key” To Our Enslavement Is The Sexual Energy

… by Bradley Loves

* Paedophile orgies in luxury flats and claims three boys were murdered by VIPs: Special report into the growing stench of a cover-up by the Establishment
* Richmond politicians horrified at Elm Guest House “cover-ups”
* MET trawls files on  200 missing boys in murder probe into VVIPs 
* The Franklin Scandal – A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal 
* Former NASA worker Says He saw Humans on Mars a Testimony 

Source of report here.
2012: What’s the ‘real’ truth? – Jean Haines, November 21, 2014

If we have any intention of freeing ourselves from the enslavement in which we find ourselves, I believe that finding the courage to read this article is totally necessary! For me, it created an ah-ha! moment. Now, it all finally makes sense. Bradley, with the greatest of love has been leading us towards this information. Of course, since this is a free will planet, it is your choice to accept this information. I know it will be extremely difficult for many of you, so prepare yourselves, please. I will not be publishing anything else today, but will be here to field comments and discussion.

Remember, I have told you repeatedly to give yourselves time to adjust – when your reality is almost totally upset. I’m suggesting that this this could take a couple of weeks or more, and I think to a greater or lesser degree this will upset most of our realities.

Much love to everyone!

This piece is about to “bust” the doors wide open on the Occult World and all that is hidden there. Far, far deeper and far more creepy than almost any one of us can fathom, it is the “worship” – the “feeding off of” – and the harnessing of the HUMAN SEXUAL ENERGY, that not only helps the MAGICIANS TO ENSLAVE US – but is the “power” or the “juice” that runs their batteries – so to speak. When I say batteries, what I mean is that it takes an awful lot of raw energy to create and to “maintain” a dark fictitious REALITY within the confines of the magnetic hologram.

In physical terms – “energy” is: CURRENCY – JUICE – OIL & GAS which is then tied back to CURRENCY, so that the two are almost inseparable! (see more on currency below *)

This piece is going to be long – in depth – and super “graphic” in both it’s detail and descriptions, so get ready for that! No more skipping around the topic, without taking a good, hard look at it! No more taking it easy on everyone who still wants to “lay in bed and not wake up” to what’s going on out there. Out come the pots and pans and the cymbals, (symbols) – and jumping up and down on the mattress until you have NO CHOICE but to get your butt out of the bed!

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Massive Mystery Flash In Russia & Ukraine

Both locations hit by tactical nuke EMP Weapon?

Noted III:
* Gold Repatriation Stunner: Dutch Central Bank Secretly Withdrew 122 Tons Of Gold From The New York Fed
[Is this the reason the Dutch get their Gold back in return for their secrecy in MH17?]

Noted II:
* Wall Street Stunned As Iceland Dares To Jail Banker Involved In 2008 Crash
* 3 Of The 10 Largest Economies In The World Have Already Fallen Into Recession – Is The U.S. Next?
* 57 Million Americans Warn UK About GMO Dangers
* The Richie Allen Show on Former physician Ghislaine Lanctót on corruption in the pharmaceutical industry 

* Dutch government refuses to reveal ‘secret deal’ into MH17 crash probe 
* The Latest Scandal: Goldman, Fed Employees Busted For Illegally Sharing Confidential Information
* Poroshenko Challenged to Duel by East Ukrainian Rebel Leader 


Microwave weapons used against people – greatest genocide known to man

Listen and circulate!

* Galactic Federation Of Light Say Formal Surrender Of Anunnaki Minions Is Now Imminent
* “Ukraine’s Gold Taken by U.S.A. After Presidential Coup”
* Polish Pension Funds Seized by Government – Who is Next?
* Mainstream media finally exposes secretive vaccine court 
* Study: More Homeless Children Now Than Any Point in US History 
* The Bank for International Settlements’ Backdoor Betrayal 
* Quitting the Nuclear Labs – a Scientist’s Plea for World Peace 
* Senior Citi Banker Found Dead In Bathtub With Slashed Throat 
* David Icke – Two Hour Special on Royal And Political Paedophilia Talking on the Richie Allen Show – How the Global Pieces Fit. Incredible Information 
* So much for Global Warming, Buffalo Record Snowfall 
* Federal Agent “We Murdered Michael Jackson” Shocking Proof!!

Barrie Trower: US & UK are lying. “I don’t think I have ever known so many liars.”

Microwaves can entrain the brain, cause depression, aggressive behavior, suicide, homicide, cancer, can make you think you’re hearing voices, induce sickness, weakness, fatigue, etc.

G20 meeting was a total defeat for the cabal, Bush and Cohen crime families on the run

… Benjamin Fulford Update, November 17, 2014

* America’s Secret Government - Edward Snowden
* G20 in Australia: Buffoons v the Global South – Pepe Escobar
* Modern Slavery: It’s Not Just For Greek Teachers 
* Ukrainian army to rise against Poroshenko and Kiev junta
* The Ambassador: Red Dragon Bloodline Family Vs The Illuminati Cabal

Source of report here.

The G20 meeting that just ended in Australia was a total defeat for the cabal and its agenda, multiple sources say. The cabal tried to use the Ukraine as an excuse to start war against Russia as a way to rebuild Western economies and keep itself in power. However, instead, the French, British and Germans abandoned the cabal controlled Americans and joined with the vast majority of the planet to support a BRICS led initiative for a new Marshall plan for the planet, the sources say. The attempts to inflame the sentiment for war using the Ukraine and ISIS went nowhere with most world leaders.

The BRICS and APEC summits week ended up focusing on stopping tax evasion by multinational corporations and increasing resources for fighting poverty and ending environmental destruction.

Furthermore, the US military has been in a state of shock and demoralization after a top of the line Aegis class US warship was turned into a crippled sitting duck in the Black Sea earlier this year, according to French and other reports.

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Jim Corr’s message to the Irish people in November 2010 is just as relevant today

… as for most countries in the world whose sovereignty and economy are being taken over by international banksters through deception and fraud

Noted II:
* The Real Reason For Cheap Oil and Gas
* John Casey Exposes Global Warming Fraud 
(Report here)
NATO intensifies threats against Russia over Ukraine!
* It’s Time to Strike At the Root - Veterans Today, Preston James
* Why the US, UK, EU & Israel hate Syria – RT

* The Money In Your Bank Account Was Stolen This Morning
* Obama & His Bankster Masters Vs. Humanity
- Harley Schlanger 
* What A Difference A Week Makes In International Diplomacy
* Nine of the biggest myths that people believe about the system
* Alfred Webre: Positive Timeline, BRICS, Money, Putin & the Omniverse 

And, when Iceland and Hungary can reclaim their sovereignty by jailing international banksters and shutting the central banks set up and owned by them, why is the rest of the world NOT doing the same?

Answer: Turn your focus on your representatives whom you have voted into office to form your government. These ‘public servants,’ who have taken oaths to serve your interests, have somehow betrayed you by becoming lackeys for international banksters, serving their interests in return for power, money and sex.

These representatives are as guilty as the economic hit men* (sent by the international banksters themselves) whose only objective is to come in guise to help study, recommend and finance huge public projects for your government to undertake on your behalf. Their ultimate aim is to get your country into humongous debts which are impossible to re-pay.

The “pound of flesh” they require of your government for defaulting on loan repayment is a take-over of your country’s sovereignty and natural resources. On top of that, the international banksters will later step in to force your government to impose all kinds of taxes on the people to help pay for the interest of their loans.

Now, do you understand why there are taxes and more taxes imposed on you every now and then? And you think your government get to use these taxes for further development? Think, again!

When the propaganda is that your government needs more taxes to finance more economic development in order for you to continue to prosper, what is in fact happening the opposite is true. You are systematically being impoverished without you even knowing it. And it’s just not your generation that is being robbed blind but the generations that are yet to be born, too. What is far more insidious is the final plan of international banksters to steal the wealth of every human being and implement Agenda 21 globally, which does not have your interest at heart though it may appear benevolent on the surface.

There will be no end to this form of thuggery and thievery until and unless we arrest and jail all international banksters and their cahoots (i.e. mostly local politicians, who have committed treason against their own country) for their frauds and crimes against every sovereign nation.

* Confessions of An Economic Hit Man by John Perkins

New Flight MH17 Bombshell!?

Russia Releases a Satellite Image that Solves the Mystery and It Just Might Not Be The Answer You’re Looking For …

RM33 million spent on MH17, MH370 search operations so far 
* MH370: Aircaft captain innocent, says independent investigator 
* EGIS Fail in Black SEA, Ruskies Burn Down USS Donald “Duck”(Russian Su-24 scores off against the American “USS Donald Cook”)
* Russia And Egypt Are Proposing Peace In Syria, Central Bankers Want War 

[Now, who has been telling and spreading lies all along about who shot down Flight MH17? No prize for the correct answer.]

Source of report here.
Heads-up from here.

The missing airliner Flight MH17, has been shrouded with mystery these past few months but today new information has surfaced that could very well solve what we have all been longing for.

Yesterday, Russia released radar data that proved a Ukrainian military jet was in the area of Flight MH17 when it was downed and likely shot by the jet with a missile. Now the question could be asked if this was simply an attempt to bolster evidence against Ukraine or is it in fact legit information. Either way you decide….

Video by DABOO77

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Arsenic poisoning of MT Keshe, his family and co-workers

Project Camelot Interview With Keshe, November 13, 2014

* The Reason Small Businesses Are Disappearing, As Explained By A Small Business Owner
* WARNING: Bank Deposits Will Soon No Longer Be Considered Money But Paper Investments

Source of report here.

This is an update with MT Keshe the Iranian free energy scientist who has had multiple threats to himself and his family as well as his co-workers. Recently he and his wife and staff members were poisoned and this video delves into who is behind these attempts as well as contains substantial world-changing science that he and his team are revealing to the public.

Keshe Foundation Website

Cops Stand Up to Department Corruption, Tired of Being Forced to Make Arrests & Write Tickets

Illinois cops are standing up to their own department saying that forcing quotas requires them to make arrests without probable cause.

* Russian Su -24 scores off against the American “USS Donald Cook”
* False Flag warning NYC: Full-scale ‘Ebola’ pandemic drill to go live Nov. 13, FEMA, crisis actors, role players involved
* 4.8M earthquake strikes Kansas fracking operation — Largest movement in 140 years — 11/12/2014 

[Bravo to these cops. We need more like them to wake up and do the right thing. The people of Illinois should give their full support for these cops' cause.]

Source of report here.


Normal, IL — A group of police officers filed a lawsuit against the town of Normal last week alleging that the police department is forcing them to write a certain number of tickets or face disciplinary action.

Patrol officers Brian Larimore, Deborak Weir, and Todd VanHovein, were tired of being forced to collect a minimum amount of revenue each month or face disciplinary consequences. They claim the department is abusing its power and have filed a 27-page lawsuit detailing these allegations.

The lawsuit states that each officer had to write at least one traffic ticket each day. They also had to write four ordinance violation tickets per month, and make one DUI arrest every other month.

More than just traffic citations, the lawsuit details the requirements to make at least two criminal arrests per month. That means that these officers were forced to create criminals out of otherwise innocent people, or face disciplinary action.

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Signs of cabal defeat are now obvious but, expect one last big push for war

… Benjamin Fulford Update, Nov 11, 2014

Noted II:
* Hallelujah, [Ebollocks] – The McCarthy Virus! 100% suspicion!  - [The virus has mutated? ... cannot be detected using standard tests? It had been 'Ebollocks' all along!] 

* David Wilcock Comment(s) on Ben Fulford’s 11-11-14 Post
* Former Goldman Banker Reveals The Path To The Next Depression And Stock Market Collapse

* Xi urges strong backing for Asia Pacific FTA at APEC
* No more bailouts: BoE chief says banks won’t be saved by taxpayers
* Economic Collapse News 11_11_2014: Petrodollar rejection goes Global
* Putin, Abbott discuss MH17 crash probe
* Project Camelot: Mark Richards Interview III

Source of report here.

The signs of cabal defeat are now proliferating to an extent that can no longer be hidden from any but the most deeply brainwashed people in the West. The most obvious sign is the APEC meeting winding up today in China. There three of the world’s largest oil producers, Canada, Russia and Qatar signed new deals to trade oil in Yuan. This makes it a mathematical certainty the petrodollar is finished. Russia also announced it was de-pegging the Ruble from the petrodollar.

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